Windows 8.1 Update Problems: Failed To Install Update Due To Errors 80070020, 80073712, 0x800f081f

Fix Windows 8.1 Update 1 Issues

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB2919355 or Windows 8.1 Update) as scheduled. The Windows 8.1 Update 1 installation experience wasn't smooth for every Windows 8.1 users. When users tried to update Windows 8.1 by installing Windows 8.1 Update, a number of problems occurred (like 80070020, … [Read more...]

Windows Update: Enable or Disable Automatic System Reboot

Windows 8.1

Microsoft on second Tuesday of every month releases new patches (popularly known as "Patch Tuesday") for Windows, which sometimes needs a system reboot. We have earlier shown ways to shutdown Windows without applying Windows updates. That quick tip was handy if you are in an emergency and you need … [Read more...]

Change Windows 8.1 Product Key, Activate Using A New Product Key [Complete Tutorial]

change windows product key

Windows 8.1 has changed a lot of things in the Windows world. Windows 8.1 fixed a few things which were present in Windows 8. Starting from the user interface to a number of features Windows users were accustomed to. Microsoft has also made few changes in the … [Read more...]

Disable Java In Your Browser, On Windows, Mac OS X Platform [Complete Tutorial]


With more and more zero-day vulnerabilities are uncovered which is affecting Oracle's Java plugin, users are now often asking how to disable Java or remove Java from their Windows computers or Mac platform. First, let us clear the confusion which arises among most users about Java … [Read more...]

Enable Flash For Any Website In Internet Explorer 10 [Windows RT / Windows 8]


Microsoft has limited which domains can load Flash contents on Internet Explorer 10 running on Windows RT or Windows 8. The list of domains are actually saved in a "whitelist" in Internet Explorer 10, which tells the browser if the domain you are visiting is allowed to run the plugin or not. If … [Read more...]

How To Create System Image To Refresh Windows 8 PC


Windows 8 comes with a new feature known as "Refresh your PC". When your Windows 8 PC is not working properly, you can use the "Refresh your PC" as the last option to revive the ailing operating system. By default, when you refresh your Windows 8-based computer, it keeps your personal data … [Read more...]

How to Disable Office 2013 Start Screen?


Microsoft seems to love keeping start screens for its various products. Be it Windows 8, the latest operating system or Office 2013, the latest office productivity suite from them, the start screen becomes very annoying for most of the users after a few days of usage. Whenever you open any Office … [Read more...]

Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen [How To, Tips]


Windows 8 is a nice blend of the mobile and desktop operating system but some of its features will surely confuse some users. In this article, we will look at one such feature: Windows 8 Lock Screen. Windows 8 Lock screen may be useful for Microsoft Surface but it's pretty pointless for traditional … [Read more...]

Reset Windows 8 Start Screen To Default (Unpin All Items) [How To]


The new Windows 8 Start Screen is a very useful way to quickly access your favorite Windows apps and programs. But when you are installing a lot of apps at a time, most probably after you do a fresh install of Windows 8, you will notice that Windows automatically pins the application shortcuts to … [Read more...]