How to Get Chrome’s Old Look Back Replacing New Material Design

Google Chrome 52 for both Windows and Mac comes with a new Material design look. This new user interface is flat with a number of icons changed. You will notice that the tab shapes, icons, the omnibox are all changed. Thankfully, Google kept an option to get back to the old design if you do not like the new one. Here’s how to get Chrome‘s old look back replacing the new Material design user interface.

Google Chrome

How to Revert Back to Original Chrome Look Replacing the New Material Design?

  1. In the omnibox (the address bar) type chrome://flags and press Enter or Return.
  2. Now, search for “Material design in the browser’s top chrome“. You will see something like this:

Get back old look in Chrome 52 replacing Material Design UI

  1. Use the drop-down and set it to either “Non Material” or “Default” to revert back to the previous interface.
  2. As soon as you make the change, you will see a button that says “Relaunch Now“. Click on it to restart Chrome and get back the good old look.

Tip! If you ever want to get back the Material look, simply change it back to “Material” and restart Chrome. If you want to experiment you can select the option “Material Hybrid” to enable a hybrid mode.

Describing the Material design, Google said, “Material design is a three-dimensional environment containing light, material, and cast shadows.” Google has applied Material design to almost all its mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Now they are applying the same Material design to its desktop apps running on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS. Some people like the new Material design and are adopting it while some people hate it. You obviously fall in the second category as you are reading this post. Do you feel that Google should not force everyone to Material design by redesigning its apps and services? Share your opinion with us through comments below.

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