Audials One 2017 Review: Your One Stop Entertainment Application (Plus Exclusive Giveaway)

Audials One is not a new name for My Technology Guide readers. We have reviewed the earlier versions of the software so many times that it doesn’t need a new introduction. Still, if you are late to join in, Audials One is one the best all in one multimedia application that allows you to record online audio and video, remove DRM from protected media files, copy protected and unprotected DVDs, convert audio and video files, online radio player, record and manage podcasts, and features a complete media center. Recently, Audials One 2017 is released, so we are here to put it under the microscope and see what has changed.

Audials One 2017 Review



The installation process is typical to what we have observed in earlier editions of Audials One. You get to choose if you want to install it as a desktop application or as a portable application. It takes a few minutes before the installation process completes.

User Interface

Old users of Audials One will feel at home with the user interface of Audials One 2017. The user interface is much more polished than what we have seen in older versions. You can easily customize it based on how you want all its functions appear on your screen. You can customize the skin color and more. Just play around and customize it to your liking.


You may feel overwhelmed by the number of functions Audials One 2017 offers but the way every function is laid out, you will hardly feel lost. All the functions are neatly organized and accessible from the left hand navigation. Once you start using some basic functions and get the gist of it, you can start exploring the advance features.


Audials One 2017 offers the unique ability to record not only music and videos but also audiobooks and songs from radio stations. We started our test by putting it in auto mode to record, cut, tag songs from radio stations. It excelled in the test with flying colors. Except for a few songs that were not properly cut, Audials One did a pretty amazing job. We liked the fact that Audials One showed a scissor icon beside the file with cut issues. So users can easily check the file and discard them if needed.


The latest Audials One 2017 edition has made it much more easier to detect and record music and videos from various sources. As you can see from the screenshot below, how seamlessly it is recording songs from Pandora. What we liked here is it intelligently skipped the ads and records only music.




The same way it records online videos from sources like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Although, make sure your PC is powerful enough and your internet connection is strong enough to run all these tasks without issues.


Music Search feature is revamped in the latest version of Audials One. It is now much more easy to discover songs through the Top artists function. Based on your preferences, Audials One generates a playlist. Which you can use to listen to, a great way to make any party happening. It also features a radio history which allows users to record the 200 most recently played songs.



Audials One also offers a media center, media converted, DVD copy, and more. We have briefly tested them and they all worked as expected.



Overall, Audials One 2017 is a feature packed all-in-one multimedia application for any music, video, or entertainment enthusiast. You do need a decent Windows PC or laptop and a good internet connection to take advantage of all its functions. Audials One 2017 is a worthy upgrade if you are a user of the old version. You can download Audials One 2017 from the official website. Test it out yourself to see how powerful it is.

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