Audials One is not a new name for My Technology Guide readers. We have reviewed the earlier versions of the software so many times that it doesn’t need a new introduction. Still, if you are late to join in, Audials One is one the best all in one multimedia application that allows you to record online audio and video, remove DRM from protected media files, copy protected and unprotected DVDs, convert audio and video files, online radio player, record and manage podcasts, and features a complete media center. Recently, Audials One 2017 is released, so we are here to put it under the microscope and see what has changed.

Earlier, we reviewed the latest edition of Audials One which has reached its tenth generation. Audials One 10 lets you record movies, listen and record online radio, find and record your favorite music and videos, covert audio and videos and manage all media files for PC, smartphone and tablet. All these functions are available in one feature packed application.

Before we share more details about our exclusive Audials One 10 giveaway, we would like to thank Audials AG, the company who developed this awesome application and for sponsoring the 3 genuine Audials One 10 license keys.

My Technology Guide readers are already aware of the Audials application. We have been reviewing this application since it was in its fourth generation and since then it has been our favorite application. Audials AG, the parent company behind Audials One, has released the tenth generation of the application, Audials One 10. Let’s see if it still holds the punch, more important, will it still be able to hold on to its crown of being our favorite multimedia application?

Audials One is an all-in-one solution to all your entertainment needs. Audials One 9 has improved a lot since Audials One 8, which we last reviewed.

Audials One 9 helps you to organize your music collection, play music, listen to online Internet radio stations, record streaming music from various sites, record streaming videos from video hosting websites, download music, convert videos, subscribe to podcasts, create ringtones for your cellphone, and rip DVDs. With its built-in DRM remover, you can remove copy protection from purchased music and videos.

The software also lets you sync your music library with any portable media player out there. With the addition of various cloud services and its own Audials Anywhere technology, you can virtually play music from anywhere through your own personal cloud.

Audials Light is a freeware easy to use multimedia application that allows you to create playlists, listen to online radio and search video files online. We have earlier reviewed almost all Audials software including Audials Tunebite, Audials Moviebox, Audials One. All of these software were paid versions, but finally, Audials has come up with Audials Light, the freeware version of their popular range of multimedia application.

Audials Anywhere transforms your computer into your own Personal Media Cloud. Earlier, we shared with you all some exclusive insight about the new technology RapidSolution Software AG, the developers of Audials are working on. We also shared some exclusive leaked screenshots of what you can expect from the upcoming software. If you missed it, you can read here.

As we were expecting, RapidSolutions Software AG has finally released the beta version of Audials Light for everyone to test. We downloaded the beta and installed it on our test machine. Here’s our quick take on the upcoming technology. Read on after the break to find out more.

AudialsOne is one the most complete media solution available today. We have earlier reviewed AudialsOne 8 and have seen what it is capable of.

Now, we have received some inside information from some trusted sources about a new technology the developers of AudialsOne, RapidSolution Software AG, are working on. Rumor is the developers will title it “Audials Anywhere“.

Audials Anywhere will allow users to get access to their personal media collection from anywhere. Users will be able to easily share music, videos and film with their family and best friends through the upcoming version.

Yesterday we reviewed the latest version of AudialsOne 8, an all-in-one solution to all your entertainment needs. It has improved a lot since the earlier version. You can read the review at following link:

AudialsOne 8 Review

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AudialsOne 8, the latest version of AudialsOne, is released few days back. We were very impressed by the earlier version of AudialsOne 4. Let me first give you some overview about what AudialsOne is capable of. AudialsOne gives you instant access to over 50,000 Internet radio stations along with millions of songs, international video, music and podcast portals. It offers unbeatable capabilities for targeting and downloading unlimited quantities of the free entertainment you’re looking for.

After we got our hands on the latest version, the first thing that we did was check out what is new and what has improved since our previous review. We noticed a lot of improvements in the program that can be seen spread throughout the user-interface, the way it records multimedia content like songs, video, podcasts, and remove DRM from media.