AudialsOne 8 Review

AudialsOne 8, the latest version of AudialsOne, is released few days back. We were very impressed by the earlier version of AudialsOne 4. Let me first give you some overview about what AudialsOne is capable of. AudialsOne gives you instant access to over 50,000 Internet radio stations along with millions of songs, international video, music and podcast portals. It offers unbeatable capabilities for targeting and downloading unlimited quantities of the free entertainment you’re looking for.

After we got our hands on the latest version, the first thing that we did was check out what is new and what has improved since our previous review. We noticed a lot of improvements in the program that can be seen spread throughout the user-interface, the way it records multimedia content like songs, video, podcasts, and remove DRM from media.


Installation procedure is very simple for AudialsOne 8. It also provides the option to install it as a regular program or do a portable install. It is a nice option if you want to carry AudialsOne with you in a USB flash drive. Definitely a boon for portable application users.

AudialsOne 8 install


After the installation is completed, which we noticed took less time then the earlier version of AudialsOne, we launched AudialsOne and just like earlier versions, AudialsOne greeted us by showing the splash screen.

AudialsOne 8 Splash

The user-interface feels much more polished than earlier versions and now accessing different functions are lot more easy for end-users, as you can see from the screenshot below:

AudialsOne 8

As you can see above, the first tab that is default is the Radio tab. If you don’t want to waste any time and want to record some music from your favourite genre, simply select your genre of choice and click on the Start Recording button. If you have your favorite internet radio station in mind, from which you want to record, simply click on the Stations button. Select the radio station and click on the Record button present at the top of the Manage Stations window. Scheduling is also possible by clicking on the Schedule button. You can also Favor, Delete, Ban or visit the radio stations website from this window. If you have a manual list of Radio Stations, you can also import that using the Load button.

AudialsOne 8 Manage Stations

You can use the Search tab to search for music or videos of a particular artist or song.

AudialsOne 8 Search

One of the most notable feature of AudialsOne, also present in the earlier version, is the WishList. Using Wishlist, you can search the web or your local music collection for music and videos by artists that you have specified. You can compile several wish lists, and switch between them. AudialsOne saves all your wish lists automatically and records music of the selected artists automatically.

AudialsOne 8 WishList

Capture is the new proper name given to the tab Web. As the name suggests you can capture media from the web as you browse sites like Last.Fm, Pandora, YouTube, etc from your browser. If you are a fan of Podcasts, AudialsOne comes with a very powerful Podcast support. You can subscribe from an already extensive list of Podcasts or add your own.

AudialsOne 8 Podcasts

AudialsOne 8’s Converter tab is what you should be looking for if you want to DRM free your media. It is very powerful and accurately removes DRM from media while keeping the quality intact. You can remove DRM from AudioBooks, DVDs and other media.

Other improved features of AudialsOne 8 are Organizer, Media Converter. You can organize all your multimedia files and categorize them into Artists and Genres. You can let AudialsOne automatically reorganize all your media. Using the latest version you can even import and export from the Cloud Storage,, MP3Tunes and TunesBag. It also includes a ring-tone creator, if you want to create ring-tones for your mobile device. The in-built burner allows you to burn tracks to a disc.

AudialsOne 8 Organize

Ease of Use

AudialsOne 8 is fully feature packed and it has improved a lot since the earlier version. Everything is well laid out and is just a click away. Even though AudialsOne comes packed with so many functions, still its very easy to use, thanks to the well thought design of the user interface. It allows you to easily find millions of streaming music and video from around the web to view, listen to or download to your local drive. On the fly conversion of the downloaded media is also a plus.


We can easily find a notable performance improvement from the earlier version of AudialsOne.


RapidSolution Software offers free customer support for AudialsOne through a variety of channels that includes FAQ, a dedicated forum for each of their products and email support answered within three working days.


AudialsOne is still one of our favorite online media downloader and recording solution. With the latest avatar, we are very happy to see the improvements done to it. This time we will award AudialsOne 8 a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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