[Giveaway Over Now] AudialsOne 8 Giveaway [Exclusive]

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46 Responses

  1. my_immortalize says:

    Count me in please…Thanks…

  2. malkhaz says:

    Audialsone is a great software and everybody wants to have it. And I am not an exception. I want it very much because I love music. Thank you , now I have a great opportunity to have it. I hope I’ll be lucky.

  3. Linu George says:

    Hi I already subscribe and wow been using the older one now and would like to win the newer version its looks sleeker.. PLs consider my name for this giveaway and regards to all…

    PS tweeted as well…

  4. Bionic71 says:

    Thanks Mezanul, I’m tempted being apart of this giveaway, I still need to testdrive version 8 wich was released some days ago, I’ve dealt with previous versions, very likable, serious vendor, frequently updated with fixes & updates.

    This package has a great deal of usefulness! – Top Promotion, Thank you Audials.

  5. Paf says:

    Hi Mezanul, thanks a lot for this great giveaway. I would love to try AudialsOne8. Please count me in, it would be really useful to have this. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  6. amon says:

    Nice one! I thought it’ll take long before you share it, but now you have shared too soon. This software looks very good and the review is very teriffic.Therefore, I would really like to win a license so that I will be able to listen to musics and radio stations online, I’ll also be able to listen to some radio stations news from home.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Art Clarke says:

    Thanks for holding this great giveaway. Please count me in for the contest.
    I’d really like to own AudialsOne 8. Best of luck to all.

  8. WakeUpNeo says:

    Follow the white rabbit.

  9. kurtumi says:

    Thanks for nice GiveAway , count me in please and good luck everyone.

  10. Daniel Fenn says:

    Please count me in :)

  11. Grr says:

    Hi Mezanul,
    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
    I appreciate if you count me in this giveaway.
    I’m already a subscriber using the same email as in my comment here.


  12. luisc says:

    Wow this is really nice, Audialsone is probably one of the best software there is on the market today if you are a music lover. Please count me in.

  13. jelson says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. AudialsOne is really good stuff! Love to have a license for this new version.

  14. Xu says:

    I love this soft, please include me

    Thank you

  15. john d says:

    I used this one before from an older giveaway-of-day promo. In the long run it was lost due to formatting. I hope to win the latest release this time. Please count me in.
    I am an email subscriber.

    john d

  16. Lee says:

    Cheers for setting up this give-away – this is software I could really use! Please count me in the draw and hopefully I win a license!

  17. ROHIT says:

    Thanks for the nice giveaway Mezanul. After reading the review I really want to try this good one. Please count me in. Best Regards.

  18. vhick says:

    AudialsOne is an all in one application for your media need over the internet, I love to have this new version.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. azziz says:

    Many thanks for this giveaway, audialsOne 8 is all in one media entertaining soft. Cant live without.

  20. James Gunn says:

    Great bit of software. please enter me into this great comp from a great blog. Thanks also for the Safe Returner licence. Much appreciated

  21. hakah says:

    AudialsOne 8 is the best online media downloader and recording software and everyone has great desire for it. I am a music lover and how can I live without it.
    Please count me in this giveaway!
    Thanks to Technology Guide for this great offer and this kind of event is always welocome and hope can be carried on in the future!

  22. k19s says:

    Hi, great giveaway please count me in


  23. Cocco DJ says:

    Never heard about this one before, but it looks amazing.
    It would be nice to get a licence! :)

  24. steve says:

    I have been using audials free for over a year now. would love to have an upgrade. best music finder out there!

  25. thane says:

    please enter me – thanks. ( i’ve subscribed to the newsletter)

  26. Mezanul says:

    I want to make an announcement to my readers:

    In two or three days one more surprise is coming! So, keep your fingers crossed for that too!

    And Good Luck again to all participants! :)

  27. GT says:

    thanking you for this giveaway. I am already email subscription.
    Please count me in for this giveaway of AudialsOne 8 Giveaway [Exclusive].

    Mr. G.T.

  28. Ume says:

    Long time subscriber to the newsletter, but did it again to enter drawing. Software sounds like a winner.

  29. Mike M says:

    Please include me in your giveaway. I am a newsletter subscriber
    Thanks Mike

  30. Deepak says:

    hey ! awesome proggie, I really don’t need it but I’m too greedy so please give it to me, :) !

  31. VikL says:

    Great info in your newsletters, thank you. And a very nice giveaway. RadioTracker is one of my favorite programs – would love to get the whole package. Thanks!

  32. e g says:

    Hello ,
    Thank you for the AudialsOne 8 giveaway .
    Please count me in for giveaway .

  33. Travis Spencer says:

    Tried this software and love it. Thanks for this giveaway. Count me in!

  34. dj66 says:

    Thnx , Mezanul for this very generous giveaway offer of Audialsone-8. Have used a much older version for a while and would certainly appreciate this latest version. so pls kindly include my name in this offer.

  35. Mike says:

    I’d like to see a review between Audials One Platinum version 4 and the new Audials One 8. I wish the developer would post a clearly laid out table with the differences between the versions compared. I thought I had the latest and greatest with platinum 4 but now I don’t know if version 8 is a step down from platinum, the same, or what?
    If you have any pull with the developer could you plead with them to create something like this so we can better evaluate the different versions?
    Thanks! Of course if I get the free give away copy then I could compare and maybe post a comparison table of my own! :)

  36. siddxxxx says:

    Thanks for this giveaway,hope i win a license for audialsone ,it is an awesome product.
    I have also subscribed to your blog and also tweeted this post on twitter

    Keep up the great work.

  37. vaibhav srivastava says:

    kool giveaway… let me in too inside the queue to get the software…
    you will find my tweet about this kool giveaway under twitter @vibhusri…
    now will wait in the hope to get my name in the 3 winner… any way… best of luck to all the participants and also saying congrats in advance to all the 3 winners who will get the license…
    I’m already subscribed with the same email…

  38. corker says:

    Hi Mezanul,

    Please count me in. I would love to win the latest version of AudialsOne, the flagship multimedia product developed by RapidSolutions.

    Thank you!

  39. Balaji P M says:

    Hello !
    let me too participate in this giveaway :-)
    let’s enjoy this giveaway
    Thanks MyTechGuide

  40. Abhishek Nair says:

    Count me in too. Thanks.

  41. Deepak says:

    hope I win one, thanks and keep up the good work !

  42. Mezanul says:

    We will announce the winners soon, please read the update in the post. After this comment no other entries will be considered for this giveaway.

    Thank you all for making this a success! :)

  43. Isabell22 says:

    thank you for this opportunity
    already subscribe , liked in facebook, tweeted and a follower in

  44. justin says:

    please give me audials one 8

  45. user sp says:

    I have already an earlier version of Audials One. Have great experience with it. It can organize the existing collection, record and even cut songs from massive collection of great quality radio stations, can also record on demand, can rip audio and video by just recording them for you with up to equal resolution, can convert format and can even sync. Cant ask for more. Would be glad to have version 8. Thanks in advance.

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