Google Maps App Adds “Wi-fi Only” Feature, Ability to Save to SD Card

Google Maps app is updated with new offline features and more ride-service options.

Yesterday, Google Maps added two new offline features. In addition to it, Google Maps also increased the number of international ride-service rate comparison options.

Google Maps “Wi-fi only” Feature

According to the announcement, Android users with “spotty service,” or users who may want to save on mobile data, now have the option to turn on the new “Wi-fi only” feature. The new “Wi-fi only” feature is available in Google Maps app settings.

Google Maps Wi-Fi Only Setting

Save Offline Maps to SD Card Feature

Google Maps added the ability to save maps to an external SD card on Android devices. Finally, users will not be bugged with low disk space error messages. They can save maps to an external SD card freeing up the internal storage space. The new option will come up when you select to download a map area.

Google Maps Save to SD Card

To ensure that Google Maps users with any storage capacity can download and use offline areas when they need them most, we’ve added the ability to download your offline areas to an external SD card (if your device supports them) on Google Maps for Android. Now you’ll never have to choose between snapping more food photos or the ability to navigate offline.

Easily Compare Ride Service Options Feature

Additionally, Google Maps has increased the number of international ride-service listings to compare rates in a number of new countries.

Google Maps Compare Rates

In addition to showing options from Uber, we’re now showing GO-JEK rides in three cities in Indonesia with ten more cities coming soon (Android, rolling out on iOS) and Grab rides in 24 cities throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand (Android, rolling out on iOS). We’ve also expanded the availability of Gett, Hailo, and MyTaxi in select cities across Ireland, Poland, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Israel (Android, iOS).

As you can see from the excerpt of the official announcement, Google Maps is now listing GO-JEK and Grab rides in Indonesia. Google Maps will also show Grab rates in many cities throughout Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. This feature is available for Android users only. It will be soon rolled out for iOS users. In Ireland, Poland, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Israel, both Android and iOS users will have access to Gett, Hailo and MyTaxi rate comparisons.

Download Google Maps from Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS)

Images Source: Google Maps Blog

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