Download Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition is a scaled down freeware version of the full-fledged Microsoft Office 2010. Other than the free Started edition, the productive suite is available as Home and Student, Home and Business, Standard, Professional, Professional Academic, Professional Plus editions. All these retail versions are easily available for purchase but not the Starter edition. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter is available exclusively with OEM-supplied computer.

The Started edition of Office consists of limited-functionality versions of Word and Excel and includes advertising. It does not include PowerPoint or Outlook. It allows users to upgrade easily to a complete Office 2010 productivity suite when they are ready.

Disclaimer: We are providing the download links as a backup for owners of OEM machines who may have lost the setup files of Starter edition due to formatting or any other error. We don’t recommend other users to download and install it on any other computer system. Read below.

If you like Office 2010, you should purchase it. Office Starter 2010 is not a trial; it has a perpetual license that does not expire. Office Starter 2010 is an advertising-supported base productivity suite that is available only on new PCs. It must be preloaded on new PCs at the point of manufacture. Office Starter 2010 is not available for existing PCs at any time after manufacture; such as, Office Starter 2010 cannot be installed on new PCs being sold by resellers, even brand-new PCs. It will not be sold through distribution or available to end users as a standalone product. (-Microsoft)

Caschy, a popular blogger from Germany has recently discovered that Microsoft stores the setup files of Office Starter 2010 on their servers. But before download, please read the Disclaimer above.

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition

Here is a list of available versions that you can download:

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Download (English) (Microsoft has removed the file, link is no longer working.)

Mirror Office Starter 2010 Download Link

To install Office Starter 2010, you don’t need any product key. If you want you can also create a portable version of Office Starter 2010 from its start menu entry.

If you want to download the setup file in your language, just replace the LCID string in the web address as suggested by Martin, Ghacks Editor. For example, replace en-us with another LCID string. You can find a list of strings on this page.

If you want a full-fledged office productivity suite but do not want to use Microsoft Office Starter edition, we recommend users to try open-source or freeware alternatives like LibreOffice or if you want cloud features try Google Docs.

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