Third-party premium navigation apps for Android faces stiff competing from Google Maps on Google’s Android Platform. Since, almost all Android devices comes bundled with free Google Maps plus Navigation app. Though Google Maps Navigation is not available everywhere. This stiff competition is good for end users as it brings in some good and innovative features for them. To compete with free Google Maps, premium GPS navigation apps comes up with innovative features. We started evaluating Sygic: GPS Navigation app for Android, a premium navigation app to find out if people will pay for something which they have grown accustomed to getting free?

Sygic lists its premium app for free (actually a 7 day trial version) in the Android Market. The app is around 6 MB download and after installing it, users must download the maps. You don’t need to download all maps available through Sygic to your Android phone as it will take up precious space on their device. Using the Sygic Downloader, you have the choice to download each map. Sygic recommends using WiFi for downloading maps data as some maps are very big in size. After the 7-day trial expires, the app prompts the user to buy an activation key from the official webpage.  Read on for more in-depth review of the app.

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After downloading the maps, we fired up the Sygic app on our Samsung Galaxy S II (running the most recent firmware). Within a few seconds the GPS locked our position on the map and we were pleased to see beautifully rendered map with 3D buildings. POI are displayed nicely without distracting readability. If you don’t to see POI, you can simply disable it from Settings. Using Settings, you can further customize the program to its fullest.


When you choose a destination, Sygic starts the voice turn-by-turn directions and displays the map of your surrounding area with the calculated route highlighted in blue. Even though, in Settings we found Text to Speech but the options were grayed out. So, we weren’t able to test the Text to Speech function. We got TTS working (Thanks to Simona for the tip). You just need to select special TTS enabled voice from Settings – Regional (See the screenshot below). This feature is available in English for all the maps, in Dutch for the map of Netherlands, in German for the map of Germany and in Italian for the map of Italy.


The navigation app comes with a lot of voice options in different languages. The latest version comes with Dynamic Lane Guidance set to appear 500 meters in advance, so you can prepare your turn beforehand.

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android

We did some tests in the highway with multiple lanes and we were notified beforehand about which lane to take to reach our destination. This option is very useful when you are traveling and you don’t know exactly which lane you should take to reach to your destination. Sygic also warns with a chime beforehand to slow down your speed if you exceed your speed limit or any speed cams are near. If you encounter any traffic incidents or police traps you can tell other Sygic users with one touch though the app.

Through Sygic’s own social network, you can add friends with whom you can share your location, status update, messages, and events. If you don’t want to use Sygic’s social network, the app also lets you share your location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, through Email or your Phone contacts. It also allows you to attach a photo that will be visible on your Facebook wall. Sygic integrates with your Phone contacts thus allowing you to browse for your friends stored address. Another nice feature of Sygic is Demonstrate Route. Using demonstration, you can get an overview of your route before even traveling it actually.

Sygic also lets you use your custom keyboard installed on your Android phone or the default keyboard provided by it. The handy Travel Book feature keeps track of all your trips thus providing a good insight of your trip histories. Another handy addition is the Weather tool that provides you weather updates of your area. You can always take informed decision before going out for that long drive. If you are going to visit a new country, the Country Info feature will offer you some quick basic information about the country.

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android

With all these goodness offered by this application, we were almost forgetting to mention some of the user-interface annoyances. Since, the app runs full-screen you will not be able to get access to Android Notification bar when you are navigating. Thus, you will not be able to your phone’s battery status. Though when you are in the menu of the application, it provides a status bar showing battery status, GPS signal status, Community login status and time. But, if they would have made the same info accessible when navigating, it would be a nice addition.

Overall, Sygic: GPS Navigation is a very good premium turn-by-turn navigation app for Android users. So, should you go for it?

Well, it greatly depends on what type of user you are? Having offline maps access is a blessing for those users who are out of their carrier’s coverage area since Google Maps will not work without a data plan. Offline maps also lets users who are roaming in a foreign land and either don’t have any data plan or unlimited data plan. Though the recent updates of Google Maps app lets users pre-cache map area but it has some serious limitations. Also, if your country in not in the list of supported country for Google Map Navigation, Sygic: GPS Navigation is a great alternative, well worth the price you pay for it.

You can download the 7 days unlimited trial version of Sygic: GPS Navigation from the Android Market. (Mobile Android Market)

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  1. I purchased Sygic in September 2011 and loved the app. Having Sygic remind you if your speed goes over a set limit has been very helpful not to mention all the other whistles and bells included. Now for the bad stuff, with every up date the app would not work for a long period afterwards, it would take an very long time to find satellites to begin navigating but the worst thing of all is that the high price for an app that only lasted for nine months before they requested I renewed (paid for it again). When I complained to their customer service, I was asked what OS I was using. What the operating system has to do with accounting, I have no idea. What I do know is my complaint has gone unanswered.

    • I was in Mumbai wanted to drive to international airport, tried on sygic, -nearest poi-does not shoe any air transportation, tried several ways(offline mode),

      Its easy to search places and navigate on nokia navigation,.
      Address search is diappointing

    • The OS can have everything to do with accounting, because each OS has its own associated version of the app and thus, possibly, its own payment database which needs to be searched. Walk into certain banks (even Bank of America) and you’ll be asked which state you opened your account in. Some apps have different payment systems in place for different OS’s. Some paid apps on IOS are free on Android, so some which may be one-time-pay on one app store might require future payments in another.

      Long story short, accounting can be complicated for a variety of reasons. The OS was a reasonable question for them to ask.

  2. Plz if any body have post SYGIC Activation Key
    Thanks in advance

  3. Greg Gargeg Reply

    thank you for your review. but, can you share a crack, or serial number of Sygic ??

    • Buy it MoFo, they give lifetime updates 4 free and invest a lot of money into development.

  4. can you tell me the publishing date, i needed it to include this in my project report. Thank you

  5. Ahmed Dadabhay Reply

    Please help I am trying to activate app Sygic Speed Cams please email me at ****** 07 January 2014
    {Email address removed}

  6. At first I didn’t like the UI. Tried several mobile apps but when it comes to accuracy, Sygic is probably the best choice. I used it mainly in Europe and it never let me down. The app is now on sale. You can also use the additional 25% discount by entering a discount code, e.g. REF5620RPSBHC1198

  7. Paul Brown Reply

    I finally uninstalled this the other day. I paid for it last year and it has gotten progressively more dangerous to use as time has gone one – to the point where you pass the junction at a motorway and it goes from saying you have 2.5 miles to go to re-routing back to the junction. Often it’ll arbitrarily tell you your destination is on your left despite being 60 miles away. On occasion it has sent me through nightmarish town centres rather than the sane route to get somewhere.

    Hands down the worst thing ever, literally the “lanes” screen is the best feature – and even that is often totally wrong. And that’s my biggest problem. When it gets stuff wrong it gets it *really* wrong. I think someone needs to reinvestigate all the A2, M2, M60 and M62 map data and find out what the hell is going on.

  8. Try WAZE for Android GPS navigation! It’s great! The bad thing about it is that it’s not recomended for roaming because it requires internet access… and for a good reason because it’s the most up-to-date map app you can find because it’s constantly uploading from the reports from the users that are using the app!
    Give it a try! :D
    And no, I don’t work for them (if you take into account that they were bought by Google…), I just love the app!

  9. blake janney Reply

    I paid for premium sygic and they said I would have it in 2 days. That was 6 days ago and no response yet. Will not answer me. I wonder if you can trust them. Beware with this app.

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