Automatically Backup Your Flash Drives Using Portable USBFlashCopy

If you are looking for a software that will backup your flash drive automatically when you are inserting it, but you never found a good useful one, then check USBFlashCopy which makes the process really simple and painless for you. It comes with automatic backups feature that is profile based for individual flash drives, if you have many.

Every time you plug a new USB flash drive into your computer, USBFlashCopy identifies it and asks you if you want to make a new profile, use the default profile, or never backup the contents of the flash drive. If you choose “new profile” USBFlashCopy then offers you an array of options like where you want to store the backup to, name the backup, select copy speed, and filter out file types that you don’t want to back up.


After the profile for that particular flash drive is saved, the task of taking backups using USBFlashCopy becomes automated. Now, when you plug that device to your computer, USBFlashCopy automatically scans it, and according to the filters and rules set by you, it starts backing up the new files. These new files can either be copied or overwritten to the backup according to the profile rules set by you.

USBFlashCopy is a portable freeware Windows application that helps you take automatic backups of portable devices when you plug them in your computer. The app keeps all its settings in an INI file, which is automatically created in the folder it is running from. Simply copy USBFlashCopy.ini along with executable to keep your settings intact across all your computers. It is just 300KB in download size but offers great features and functionality.

Are you using any other application or methods (like using automated scripts) for backing up your flash drive contents? Share them in the comments!

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