URL Snooper – Download Any Media you can see in your Browser

URL Snooper is a great tool that can sniff URLs hidden behind Javascript or ActiveX scripts. It can be used for many purpose one of which is to get the hidden URLs for streaming video and audio files so they can be downloaded locally. URL Snooper is basically a packet sniffing program that uses the excellent free WinPcap network sniffing driver. You just need to click on the “Sniff Network” before launching the page that contains the multimedia files you want to download.

This is an extremely powerful tool, if you master its different uses. Note that getting the URL you want will involve a bit of luck and some guesswork. Once you have found the URL, you will need a download manager for downloading. You can check out the Flash tutorial for some more insight about how it works.


Here is some more details about URL Snooper:

  • It can filter the URLs by multimedia. If you want to see all the sniffed you can set it to ‘Show all’, but warning, you will get loads and loads of URLs if you are surfing a lot of websites simultaneously, which might sometimes make it run sluggishly.
  • Define external applications that URL Snooper can open by default for streaming media downloads for quick access.
  • You can filter by keyword(s). Useful, when you want to see some more details about the URL you’re trying to identify.
  • Set favorite URLs for quick access.

If you face difficulty using URL Snooper feel free to join the discussion and ask for help!

Note that URL Snooper is a free Registerware (You will need to enter a valid email to get your free registration code).

Compatibility: Windows 9x/2k/XP/VISTA.

[ Download the latest version ] [ Get Free License Key ] [ Flash tutorial ]

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