Google Chrome is a great browser, but sometimes it just starts acting odd. Then we are left with no choice but to re-install it to bring back order. But at times clicking on the Uninstall Google Chrome shortcut in the Start menu has no effect, neither does clicking on the “Remove” button in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Then how to remove it manually? Is there any way? How can I completely uninstall Chrome from my Windows, Mac OS X or Linux system?

There are a couple of other ways to remove Google Chrome so that it can be re-installed. The first is to use the Google Updater utility. Start Google Updater and click on the Installed Software tab and look for the row for Google Chrome web browser. Click on the Uninstall link at the right of the row to remove Google Chrome. If it still doesn’t work then you may have to then change the registry to remove Chrome manually.

These instructions involve modifying your Windows registry. If you’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar with editing your registry, you may want to consult a computer technician before you start. You may also want to consider backing up your registry before proceeding.


Uninstall Chrome from Windows

  1. First download from here.
  2. Open and you will find a registry key file named remove.reg. Extract this file.
  3. Now, double-click on the remove.reg file that you have just extracted.
  4. In the confirmation window to import the file, click on Yes. Then click on OK.
  5. Now, Go to the Start menu > Run. Alternatively press Windows + R to open the Run… dialogue box.
  6. Enter one of the following commands in the text field, according to your operating system:
  7. For Windows XP users:
    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
  8. For Windows Vista/Windows 7 users:
  9. Now delete the Chrome’ folder in the directory that opens up to completely uninstall Google Chrome.
For a full profile backup, copy the User Data folder present inside the Chrome folder to a different location. If you want to backup your saved passwords then you may like to read ChromePasswordDecryptor that will help you recover Usernames and Passwords saved in Google Chrome.
The instructions below are official instructions, we will add instructions on how to completely remove Chrome from OS X or Linux soon.

Uninstall Chrome from Mac OS X

  1. Open the folder having Google Chrome application. Normally, it is installed in your Applications folder.
  2. Drag Google Chrome to the Trash icon in the Dock. If Google Chrome is installed in Applications folder, you’ll need to give administrative rights.
  3. To remove the Google Chrome icon from your Dock, simply drag it out of the Dock with your mouse.

Remove Your User Profile Information

If you want to remove your user profile information, like your browser preferences, bookmarks, and history, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Go in the Mac menu bar on the top of the screen.
  2. Select Go to Folder and type ~/Library/Google. Click Go.
  3. Now, drag the folder GoogleSoftwareUpdate into the Trash.

Completely Uninstall Google Chrome from Mac OS X

If the above method doesn’t remove Google Chrome, you may want to completely remove all traces of Google Chrome browser from your Mac OS X. Here’s the list of files you need to remove (Source). Use the Terminal to run the following commands one by one.

rm -r /Applications/Google\
rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/
rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/CrashReporter/Google\ Chrome*
rm ~/Library/Preferences/*
rm ~/Library/Preferences/Google\ Chrome*
rm -r ~/Library/Caches/*
rm -r ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/
rm ~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/Actives/
rm ~/Library/Google/Google\ Chrome*
rm -r ~/Library/Speech/Speakable\ Items/Application\ Speakable\ Items/Google\ Chrome/
rm ~/Library/Google/Google\ Chrome\ Brand.plist
rm -rf ~/Applications/Chrome\ Apps

It should be enough to remove all traces of Google Chrome from your Mac OS X.

Uninstall Chrome from Linux

  1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and search for “Google Chrome” in the list of packages. (You can open Synaptic Package Manager from Applications > Debian > Applications > System > Package Management > Synaptic Package Manager.)
  2. Now, select the “Google Chrome package” check box.
  3. To completely uninstall Chrome (including configuration files), select “Mark for Complete Removal.
  4. To uninstall Google Chrome while saving your preferences, select “Mark for Removal.
  5. Click Apply and select Google Chrome from the “To be completely removed” menu. Click Apply again.

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Reference: Chrome Help


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  1. I think we will be in a need of this very soon since chrome 3 is giving a very much problem to me.

  2. sangram kishor mohanty Reply

    i have tried to install Google chrome after corrupt previous. but when i tried to install there was a problem and one dialog box open and shows chrome exe -application error
    the application failed to initialize properly (0Xc0000005) click OK to terminate the application.
    so please say the solution how install Google chrome properly through my mail id

  3. Wow, this post is of no use to Mac users. This is just the default way to uninstall, which does NOT remove other settings. Chrome will be exactly the same when you reinstall.

  4. Local SettingsApplication DataGoogle – I have a Google folder listed here but all it contains is SketchUp and something else – no Chrome to be found anywhere. This is driving me mad, never using anything Google ever again.

  5. If you’re using Windows, just go to your program files (computer/local disc (C)/program files (or /program files (x86) if you use 64 bit), look for the Google folder and delete it. You will need administrator’s permissions. Once it is deleted please cross-check to make sure ALL Google files have been deleted then reboot your computer. Chrome will now download and install seamlessly. I would NOT advise that you start fooling around with registry commands if, like me, you’re just an ordinary user who doesn’t want to fiddle with anything geekish!

  6. rprzybylski Reply

    We are all looking at how to remove Google from your machine. I have a regular registry cleanup of Google daily and everyday there are numerous entries of Google that cause issues continuously on my machine. I think we should do a class action against google to stop adding entries on our computers without our authorization. Microsoft asks and even gives the opportunity to not update your machine, but Google never does. They just invade. If this is true just think of the privacy they are collecting. Can anyone tell me how to block any Google entries from getting to my machine?

  7. Thanks for the guide. Most guides literally just link you to the standard google “how to remove chrome” page

    Nice one!

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