Use CookieCrumbler To Clean And Manage Browser Cookies

While browsing the Internet, lots of cookies gets accumulated in your PC. Though cookies are needed for effectively for browsing the Internet and are mostly harmless but cookies can also be dangerous, like the tracking cookies used by most advertisers to track the surfing habit of a user. For security reasons, it’s always advised to clean your cookies regularly.

CookieCrumbler is one such tool that will help you clean and manage these cookies. It is free for home use. The well-designed program interface offers you versatile functions to delete, edit and sort cookies. Furthermore, cookies which are dangerous or possibly dangerous will be automatically detected and marked.


It supports a lot of programs which helps in cleaning all the cookies that are present on your machine. CookieCrumbler is very friendly at walking you through the real process of choosing which cookies you want to delete automatically, which it will do every time the computer starts, if that is what you want.

For example, you are able to define rules to keep cookies from a specified website or to explicit delete it. So, it is a breeze for you to protect your privacy and remove internet traces. When you need it more comfortable, there is an option to do an automatically clean on system startup.


CookieCrumbler Features

  • Automatically clean cookies on system startup
  • Custom rules to delete or keep cookies regardless of security rating
  • Clear and easy to use program interface
  • Cookies can be easily copied or moved to another browser
  • Update program to keep the filter lists and the program files up to date
  • Detection of so-called “super-cookies”, which are browser-independent and so with a specific security risk
  • Support for XP/Vista themes
  • Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, 7
  • Free for private, non-commercial usage
  • Multilingual user interface in German, English

The following programs are supported by CookieCrumbler:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Apple Safari
  • Apple iTunes
  • Applications based on Mozilla technology (Gecko), namely, Mozilla Firefox, Flock, Mozilla Seamonkey, Netscape Navigator, K-Meleon, Miro, Songbird, Beonex Communicator, Greyfirst Celtx, Radical Software Wyzo, Mozilla Prism.
  • Applications based on Microsoft technology, namely, Internet Explorer, Greenbrowser, Maxthon, AOL Explorer, Avant Browser.
  • Applications based on Google technology, namely, Google Chrome, SRWare Iron/Chromium

Download CookieCrumbler

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