Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta (Limited Beta Available)

Microsoft today released a new, limited beta for their increasingly popular security application, Microsoft Security Essentials, the next big version of the well acclaimed Windows security software. Microsoft Security Essentials was first released in September 2009 and is Microsoft’s award-winning, no-cost, freeware, light weight security application. It’s designed to give security to computers running genuine Windows editions.

microsoft security essentials beta

New features in the beta of Microsoft Security Essentials include:

Windows Firewall integration — During setup, Microsoft Security Essentials will now ask if you would like to turn the Windows Firewall on or off.

Enhanced protection for web-based threats — Microsoft Security Essentials now integrates with Internet Explorer to provide protection against web-based threats.

New protection engine — The updated anti-malware engine offers enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities with better performance.

Network inspection system — Protection against network-based exploits is now built-in to Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you are interested in testing the beta version, click here to visit the Microsoft Connect page to register for the beta and then download it. Please note that this is a limited beta available in English (U.S.), Israel, and Brazilian Portuguese (the beta will also be available in China in Simplified Chinese later this year) and is available to genuine Windows users on a first come, first serve basis until the allotted spots for the beta have been reached.

Since, Microsoft Security Essentials beta is available to a limited number of users on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you’re interested, we’d suggest you get it while it’s hot. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.

Note: If you are having issues downloading the Microsoft Security Essentials beta after signing into Microsoft Connect, you can use the file transfer manager within Microsoft Connect to download the beta files.

To download using the file transfer manager, after logging into the Microsoft Connect site for the Microsoft Security Essentials beta, simply click on “Download Microsoft Security Essentials Beta”, then select the version of Microsoft Security Essentials beta that is right for you (32 or 64 bit), and then click the Download button (Download selected file(s) using FTM).

mse beta

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