Reboot Computer Into Different Operating Systems

microsoft_windowsMany computer users who like to use different operating systems and have a configuration of dual boot, triple boot or even quad boot. It could be someone, who still likes using Windows XP while having Vista and/or Windows 7 installed side by side and may also have Linux installed. Some does this for fun, while some use different operating systems for different purpose. I am one such user who is having Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed into a quad-boot configuration. Last day, I stumbled upon iReboot (via) and found it useful for a person like me. iReboot is a “simple yet effective reboot helper tool”.

Normally, if an user wants to boot into another operating system, he needs to reboot his computer and than wait for the boot menu and select the right operating system from the selection. iReboot makes this task simple. The user now just needs to click on the iReboot icon in the system tray and choose the operating system he would like to reboot into. iReboot will automatically reboot into the preselected operating system. This means that users do not have to pay attention to the boot process, great for users who reboot into different operating systems frequently.

iReboot context menu

This utility is very small (247 KB) and has a small memory footprint too. It works perfectly in earlier Windows versions and in Windows 7 too. The change log can be found here.

[ Download iReboot ]

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