Open ZIP and RAR With Google Docs Viewer [Google Chrome Extension]

Google Docs Viewer recently added support for viewing ZIP and RAR archive files online. With these two additions, Google Docs Viewer can now display 17 file formats in your browser. If you simply want to view the contents of ZIP or RAR archive files or just want to extract some files, you can now do so using the viewer.

Now, you might be wondering how to view the contents of the archive files using the viewer. If the archive was sent to you through email to your Gmail account, you can easily open it using Docs viewer. Now, lets you have just seen a very good freeware available in an archive file for download. You can always go ahead and click on the download button to download it. But why don’t take the advantage of Google Docs viewer and see beforehand whats inside that archive? It would have been time-consuming to do that manually, but thanks to the “Open ZIP and RAR With GDocsChrome extension, you can now easily view whats inside that ZIP or RAR archive file before downloading it.


The extension aptly titled “Open ZIP and RAR with GDocs” allows you to view the contents directly in your browser using Google Docs viewer. Once installed, it add an entry to the context menu of Google Chrome. So, the next time you run into a ZIP or RAR file and you want to see what’s inside before downloading it, just right-click on the link of the archive and select “Open with Google Docs.” A new tab will open showing the contents of the archive file in Google Docs viewer. You can now browse through the contents, download files, save in your Google Docs account, and if the content is a supported file type you can view even view it in Google Docs.

Open ZIP and RAR With GDocs is a very useful Google Chrome extension which allows opening any ZIP or RAR file hosted online using Google Docs.

You can download Open ZIP and RAR With GDocs for Google Chrome from the Chrome Apps page.

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