AVG 9 Free Antivirus Software Download, Now Available

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  1. Simón says:

    The version 8.5 was a bunch of crap.
    It made the whole system a lot slower.
    The linkscanner crap, also makes web browsing a pain!
    Every link is checked by Internet Explorer antiphishing crap, and AVG linkscanner, making web browsing a horrible experience.

    If version 9.0 did not improve in performance and memory footprint, then it would not be worth installing.

  2. michael coleman says:

    My Norton contract expires on 24th april 2010 and I would like to covered

    for antvirus etc. by AGV from that date. How do I go about this? For the

    record I have a packard -Bell windows 7

    Your help would be much appreciated


    Michael A>Coleman

  3. Mezanul says:

    Hello michael,

    If you want to go for AVG, then you have to first uninstall Norton from your PC. To remove Norton, click on the Start button, then click on Control Panel and double-click on Add or Remove Programs. Search for Norton and then click on Remove. After removal, restart your computer. Now, download AVG using the link given in this article and install it.

  4. salena giboney says:

    how come i can’t download free avg 9.0? i do have the latest windows

  5. Prathyusha says:

    its just very easy to install

  6. Stan says:

    For anybody using Norton I highly recommend ditching it and installing AVG, it is so much more effective!

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