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In this digital age, we store data commonly in hard disks, but we should be extra cautious about our precious data. As hard disks are getting cheaper and cheaper, everyone is storing everything they can in them. But, have we all ever thought about backup? With these fragile data storage medium, we can never be 100% sure. Disaster happens almost everyday, hard disks fails, data corruption occurs, in seconds all our important precious data vanishes in thin air, while we just stare at the monitor helplessly. Sounds scary?

It’s scary, loosing all our data in seconds is the worst nightmare that anyone will want to experience. Here, at My Technology Guide, we take backup seriously, thus we rely on VaultPress, a premium backup service by Automattic for WordPress sites. We will share about our experience with them some other day.

While our Windows operating system is busy performing a scheduled backup, there’s time to check an interesting backup tool, NovaBACKUP Professional. NovaBACKUP Professional is a cost-effective backup application for Windows users. It has an easy to use user interface and can back up your data to CD/DVD drives, online over the Internet, or to tape drives, disk drives and other media without interfering with other programs. The easy step-by-step wizard guides you through performing backup and restore tasks.

novabackup simpleview

NovaBACKUP 12 Professional offers custom backup options along with wizards catering both novice and advanced users. The user interface itself is split into two vies; Simple View and Advanced View. The Simple View has all the tools meant for novice users while the Advanced View has features for the advanced users. We found that the basic view hides some functions which are available only in advanced view. Some functions which are available in basic view are hidden in the advanced view.

novabackup advancedview

For instance, the Copy Wizard can only be found in the Advanced View while the Refresh My Backup feature is available only in the Simple View. The application provides three types of copy options. The regular copy is recommended for most users simply because it’s identical to simple copy and paste of files. The other two options are mirror and bidirectional copies.

novabackup advancedview backupscreen

In the simple view, you’ll find the Backup Wizard. When you launch the wizard, you have to choose which files you want to back up. Next, choose if you want to limit your backup to just the files modified since earlier backup. At the end, choose if you want to start backing up your data now or later.

novabackup advancedview restorescreen

Advanced view offers much more control. Options like virus scanning, open files backup, verification and data compression are available here. The Advanced View version of the Backup Wizard lets you choose whether you want to do a snapshot, differential, incremental or full backup. Normally, do a full backup first and then choose the other options available.

Coming to restoring data, NovaBACKUP comes with a simple Restore Wizard. Select files and folders that you want to restore from a backup. Choose whether you want to restore the data to.

Speaking about its other features, one of the worth mentioning is the integrated disk-imaging disaster recovery. Using this feature, you will be up and running fast in case of a disaster.

NovaBACKUP 12 Professional is a very good backup solution for Windows users. You can download and try a 15 day trial copy of NovaBACKUP 12 Professional and see yourself how it performs.


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  1. @Meza nice article. Nowadays the backup of the data really has great concern. keep it up.

  2. Jim Long

    NovaBackup 12 Professional Review
    I am looking for a very simple backup process. I want to “Incrementally” backup selected folders from mu C: and D: drives on some regular basis. I would REALLY like it if the folders and files looked just the same on the backup as on the source drives. I do NOT want to go through any complicated backup schemes just to recover a file.

    Is NovaBackup 12 Professional for me?


  3. Why do you call this a review? This is a product brochure.

  4. Don’t even bother with this package. Very slow, 8 hours to back up and verify 35Gb of data.
    Other packages do it in 30 Mins and are more reliable.
    You have to pay for tec. support after 30 days and then if you decide the product is not really that goot they will not help or give you your money back.
    Take your money and put in the bin!
    If you loose the backup data base file there is no way of rescuing your bulk backup data!

    • Teddy Banks

      I agree, it is very slow. I also use Acronis True Image, 2012, it is much faster on my systems, not so sure about the reliability, as I have had several corrupt backup, even after validating.

  5. It will be useful to do a comparison review against something like Acronis True Image, Backup4All etc. Also the trial period should extend to 30 days to show confidence amongst competing variants.


  6. Jim Parker

    There is no review here at all. What a total waste of time. This is a description of the software, almost as if it was copied from the NovaBackup website. Please quit writing articles like this that completely waste peoples’ time.