NovaBACKUP 12 Professional [Exclusive Giveaway Expired]

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34 Responses

  1. malkhaz says:

    wow, I have no words, GREAT giveaway. It is very essential to me to backup my files, because it is always a great risk to lose them. Novabackup is one of the best program for backup purposes, and to have it is really very essential. Thank you for this amazing offer.

  2. Jon says:

    I love movies, music, software, etc. And it is very important to back-up data, some stuffs are hard to geT
    thanks for the giveaway.

  3. kurtumi says:

    Data backup is very important , count me please. Thanks!/kurtumi/status/84365365861298176

  4. az0 says:

    Thanks for this giveaway.
    I use free version and I hope Pro license to win.

  5. hakah says:

    NovaBackUp is a very useful back-up and data restore software and is extremely easy to work with Windows users. To protect your private datas are solely important and this software can really help.
    Please count me in this Giveaway and thanks to for this Special Giveaway Event !

  6. dandy says:

    I think its important for save data from lose and corrupt…Thank’s for great giveaway..

  7. MerleOne says:

    I used to use NB a long time ago, under Win98SE… I’d definitely like to have a recent version ! Thanks.

  8. alexf says:

    very good back-up and restore software! thanks for really great giveaway! count me in please. thanks!

  9. vhick says:

    Frequently backup is important for be because I always deal with important files and documents. I always make a report and loosing them is a disaster.!/vj_onix/status/84678769272553472

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Abhishek Nair says:

    I am hobbyist developer and often encounters file corruption, older versions of source code and frequent backups of my important stuff. This utility can greatly help me in keeping things simpler. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. siddharth says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.

  12. ha14 says:

    In those days where windows can be corrupted having different backup solutions is hanfy. NovaBackUp Pro is a master in the field of backup. Thanks for this opportunity.

  13. Grr says:

    Thanks Mezanul,
    Please count me in this giveaway. I’m already an email subscriber.

    My data is very important for me, can’t stay without it,,

    Thanks, Grr

  14. Gibbster says:

    Great giveaway and everybody need to backup all there stuff! =) Its Posted on my wall.

  15. Karthik says:

    Data backup is one of the first main thing now adays due to various threats that can affect the PC. Files can be accidentally deleted, damaged by a virus or a hard disk failure, etc. Backing up your data should be at the top of your computer maintenance list, right next to Virus Protection. Without data backup or virus protection, we are running the risk of losing our data.NovaBackup has been rated as the top backup program by It has many distinct features which make the software to be at the top of all the other competitive softwares. Hope I can get the license of Novabackup by this giveaway.

    Thanks in advance…

  16. amon says:

    OMG! too many terms and conditions to comply with. I hope I win a license.


  17. ibhecks says:

    file belongs to me very much that has not been backed up correctly, this giveaway was in accordance with the current condition
    I really want to be a winner

  18. drWoo says:

    I’m a new subscriber and I like giveaways posted here! Please count me in, I need a reliable solution to backup my files. Thanks!

  19. Arie Widodo says:

    i have a lot of music, video, and softwares on my hard drive, so to have a backup is a must for me, i had bad experience in which i lost all my files because of a virus attack, so i need to format my hard drive, i don’t want to experience that again. so, in short, backup is a must. so, please count me in on this giveaway. thank you.

  20. Lee says:

    This is an awesome give-away – there is nothing like a great backup software. I also use Nova Pdf Pro – I would love the Pro version of their backup software as well – please count me in the draw!

  21. Mayur says:

    GREAT giveaway Count me in….
    Back up is necessary to recover from crash, virus attacks. Nova backup is one of the best program for backup data.
    hope to win one….

  22. Raj says:

    Thanks for the nice giveaway. I must say data backup is very important for me. I am on a shared computer so have to backup all my data from accidental loss. Moreover its always a good habit to backup important data. I have used previous versions of nova backup and i absolutely loved it, so would definitely like to try the latest version. Please count me and thanks for the giveaway.

  23. paulcrousel says:

    Thabnkis for this review and for this fantastic chance to be able to use NovaBackup pro.!/paulcrousel/status/85686495553404928

  24. joe says:

    I would love to win a Copy of this. Data Backup is very important with
    everything going on these days. I have been burned in the past many times and have
    had to start from scratch when i lost my data. Thanks for giveaway

  25. Indranil says:

    Thank you Mezanul for the nice offer :). Now a days backup is most important because of important files are in system. Any time the system can be infected or may be crashed due to certain conditions. So I would like to win a license. Please count me in :D. Best Regards ;).

    TWITTER –!/dudeindranil/status/85696385726418944

  26. Suresh says:

    GREAT giveaway Count me in….
    I would love to win a Copy of Nova backup pro.

  27. Jay says:

    I recently had a virus attack & was unable to save some valuable document due to oversight in backing up. I learn my lesson & now I regularly backup all my important data in case it happens again. I hope to win a license to automate my backup easily. Thanks!

  28. ded says:

    Data backup is very important.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  29. siddharth says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway sir.Please count me in.

  30. I work with lots of data (word and excel) everyday. For me Real-time data backup is extremely important since its very obvious that I delete files and documents by mistake which should not have been deleted and thats the worst part when I lose some important data and unable to recover it. :(

  31. Carolyn Barnett says:

    Data backup is extremely important to me.It means being able to keep all my pictures and all my work safe.I subscribe as *******

  32. Mezanul says:

    We are sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. The winners will be announced in our next post.