Office Activation Rearm: Evaluate Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2013 For 180 Days

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  1. albert keates says:


  2. Ronald Yeboah says:

    So after the 5 rearms you will have to buy it or install office again?

  3. anil says:

    I have downloaded the ms office professional from mytechguide site but how to activate and get the activation key for this trial version

  4. Ashley says:

    Downloaded the free trial and they didnt give me a product key where can i get it

  5. Randy says:

    Question on MS Office Activation.
    I’m currently using an unregistered copy of MS Office Professional Plus 2010 – but the trial period is running out. I’m going to buy the Home and Business version (b/c I don’t need all the functionality of the Prof. Plus). Does anyone know if just buy the product keycard and register the INCLUDED programs (Outlook, Word, Excel – i.e. – the ones that come with the Home & Business version) – or will the MS registration system reject the registration (because it’s seeing the Professional Plus suite) – and force you to do a full de-install and re-install?

    Second question – if you must do a full re-install to activate – is there a way to keep your Outlook email folders, calendar settings/appts, etc. …. or will the deinstall/reinstall wipe them out?

    Thanks for any help.

  6. brody mccain says:

    Hi installed ms 2010 academic trail 180 days from a cd. It expired 2 days ago any ay of using the same cd again on the same laptop? And if I download the 30 trail will it allow me to use the 30 day seeing that I already used a trail version on a cd? Any way to get 180 day so I can do my college course.

  7. rajkumar singh says:

    ms office not download

  8. jerry says:

    hello, that path you say does not work. where do I put all that info? thanks

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