How To Kill Multiple Processes or Malware Processes with One Click?

Using Windows Task Manager and many other third-party task manager replacements you can never kill more than one process at a time. Sometimes, Windows built-in Task Manger fails to kill or terminate a process which is hanged or a process related to malware or other malicious programs. But, today I found a small, free portable application that can end multiple processes and also stop those stubborn processes which are hard to kill.

KillProcess is the application I am talking about. This application is “an assassin of the extreme kind“. It can kill almost any process running on a Windows machine, which even includes running services in the computer system. KillProcess can even terminate protected Microsoft system processes without any hiccups!


KillProcess can kill your applications within a fraction of seconds. It displays the memory usage of each process, and lets you stop processes effectively. It can kill multiple processes, either by multi-select or by clever use of “kill lists“. To select multiple processes, press down the [Ctrl] key and then select. Using these techniques it is possible to stop processes in “batch” mode, which is quick and you just need to click a button. Some of the “kill lists” are pre-installed and if you are interested you can download all available lists from KillProcess’s website.

It can also keep an eye on all running processes and kill a process that you don’t want on sight, very useful feature for killing stubborn and hard to stop processes normally related to malware.

[ Download KillProcess ]

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