Google’s Cool Winter Easter Egg: Let It Snow And More

Google is full of surprising fun “Easter eggs” and “Hoaxes“, hidden within search queries and other services. Google ‘s latest Easter egg discovered just in right time for the holiday season is very cool.

If you type “let it snow” into, the Mountain View-based search giant will return the normal search results. The Easter egg now starts to unfold in front of you with falling snowflakes. After a few moments the search page is completely obscured by a digital blizzard. Once the page is full of snow, you can literally “draw” on the screen with your mouse. If you want to clear the screen, click on the “Defrost” button, but snowflakes will continue to fall in the background.


Earlier, in November, Google came up with another Easter egg popularly known as the “barrel roll” trick. The trick still works and if you search for the phrase “do a barrel roll” you will see the search page doing a 360-degree flip before settling down.


Another cool trick is “askew” or “tilt“. Upon searching for anyone of them, Google search results page looks little tilted and out-of-place. To enjoy this easter egg, simply search for either “askew” or “tilt” in Google.


Other Google Search Easter eggs are as follows. If you type “anagram,” Google displays “Did you mean: nag a ram” and if you search for “recursion“, you will get search result along with a question “Did you mean: recursion“, which recursively runs searches for “recursion.”

If you search for “christmas”, “christmas tree” or “santa”, Christmas lights will appear at the top of the screen. (Thanks to our reader niklas for sharing)


Enjoy these cool “Easter Eggs” and if we missed any, do share with us below. We will be happy to include them in the list. :)

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