WinTinker Password Generator – Easily Generate Secure and Easy-to-Remember Passwords

WinTinker Password Generator is a light portable application with a download size of only 124 KBs, but don’t be fooled by its small size! Under the hood, it is a very powerful password generator. In the past, we have seen how accounts got hacked because of using simple dictionary words as passwords. It becomes extremely important to make sure that the passwords that you are using for WEB 2.0, be it, social networking sites, online banking accounts or anywhere online are very strong, secure and hard to break.

While searching online for password generators you will get tons of apps. But the only problem with them is that the passwords that they generate are filled with random alphabets, numbers and symbols which is very hard to remember. For this reason, you may note down the generated password which renders the process of having secure passwords.

WinTinker Password Generator is different from them. With the above feature, it has the ability to make your simple easy-to-remember and easily crackable password into a hard-to-break but easy-to-remember password. I guess you didn’t get that right? Ok, let me elaborate…

Let us suppose you use the World’s most easy to remember and also the most easy to crack word “password” as your password. Now, when you use WinTinker Password Generator’s “Easy Password Generator” feature, it will make “password” as “P@$W0Rd“. Which you can now use anywhere without the fear of being hacked while memorizing it easily.

WinTinker Password Generator

Relate your suggested password to a word that you will not forget and it will automatically converts that word.

Lower Case

Upper Case

Alternating Case

Here are some key features of “WinTinker Password Generator“:

  • Can create easy-to-remember secure passwords that combines all Lower Case, Upper Case, Numbers and Symbol.
  • Create unreadable Randomly generated password.

    WinTinker Password Generator 1

  • Ability to generates a password that balances the feature of being unrecognizable and difficult to crack but also easy-to-remember password. From a very simple suggested password like “technology” into a strong and encrypted words.

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