Microsoft’s Windows Blue Might Be Launched In August, May Have Hit Milestone 1

Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, codename Windows Blue some are referring it as Windows 9 (but it isn’t actually). Windows Blue is expected to be launched this year. This rumor may be true as reports are emerging that Windows Blue is already ready to enter M2 development stage. So, it’s safe to say that Microsoft may be already working on when they will make the next edition of Windows operating system officially available.

According to ZDNet, Windows Blue may be launched this summer, most likely in August 2013. Microsoft is surprisingly not going to release any developer previews or consumer previews of Windows Blue as it did during the development of Windows 8. Instead, Windows Blue is expected to be launched by the Redmond-based software giant directly to the market.


The rumor that Windows Blue Milestone 1 may be complete is believable after some leaked screenshots of Windows Blue surfaced on the Internet on February 19.

Although there’s still nothing officially from Microsoft yet on Windows Blue, but a recent job posting (not available anymore, a screenshot is shared by @h0x0d on Twitter) verifies that the software giant is indeed working on Windows Blue. Microsoft is also reportedly working on the next version of Windows Phone 8 and has referred to it as Windows Phone Blue in one job posting. According to another ZDNet report, Windows Blue will include user experience improvements.

As the company is shifting to annual operating system upgrades, Blue will be a major upgrade for Windows 8, rather than the next Windows edition and Blue is obviously not just a fancy name given to service pack. With Blue, Microsoft is working to transition to a more rapid update pace. Microsoft is also reportedly working on Windows 9, the next standalone version of its operating system.

As usual, keep in mind that these are all rumors, until Microsoft says anything officially about the Windows 8 successors.

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