Windows Blue Is Microsoft’s Windows Next After Windows 8?

Microsoft has just finished shipping Windows 8 in October, and rumor is that it’s already building the next version of Windows. Although there were rumors that stated that the next version of Windows will be Windows 9 but ZDNet is reporting that it might not be the case. Instead, Microsoft might be working on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.5, which is codenamed Blue. Also, you don’t have to wait for too long for the next upgrade. Rumor is that the next upgrade which is called “Windows Blue” will be out as early as next year.

Along with Windows Blue, Microsoft is also expected to change the pricing structure of its flagship operating system. Microsoft is also expected to change the upgrade path from one Windows version to the next Windows version. Soon, with Windows Blue, yearly upgrades will become a norm in the Windows world. Although, it’s still not clear if Windows Blue will be actually a service pack or a feature pack release but its assumed that Microsoft will offer the upgrade either for free or for a low fee.


According to The Verge, after Windows Blue is released, the Redmond based software giant will also update Windows SDK. After Windows SDK is updated the company will stop accepting apps built specifically for the Windows 8 platform. This move will push Windows 8 app developers to create apps solely for Blue. Although, Windows 8 apps are expected to continue working on Windows Blue.

As these changes are coming to the Windows world, users who wants to upgrade to the next version of Windows, are expected to run a genuine copy of Windows.  Also, built-in apps and the Windows Store will stop functioning if a copy of Windows is upgraded which is pirated.

Already rival platforms by Apple and Google are updated more often than Microsoft Windows. The new annual upgrade cycle with the release of Windows Blue will make it more competitive against these rival platforms.

What’s your take about Microsoft’s approach with yearly upgrade cycle? What do you think about Windows Blue? Discuss and share your thoughts about Windows Blue with us in the comments below.

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