How To Get Classic Network Activity Indicator Back in Windows 7?

After upgrading to Windows 7 are you looking for the classic Network Activity Indicator, as the default one that Microsoft shipped with is pretty lifeless and doesn’t show any activity? If you are missing the classic good old’ network activity animator of the Windows XP era, then you can get it back easily using a small application named Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7.

Below, you can see the default Windows 7 Network Activity Indicator well, its pretty boring to look at this icon, regardless of any network activity, it just sits there like a lifeless icon.


How to get the classic old Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7?

  • It’s pretty simple, first download the application, which is available both as standalone setup installer and portable version.
    • If you have downloaded the setup installer version, then simply install it by following the wizard and run it.
    • If you have downloaded the portable version available in a .zip archive, then just extract the executable file to a folder of your choice and run it.
  • As soon as you start the application, you will notice that there are two Network Activity Indicator icons displaying in your System Tray.

  • To hide the default icon, right-click on the Clock and select Customize Notification Icons.
  • Now, select Hide icon and notifications as shown below:
    And, for Network Activity Indicator icon, select Show icon and notifications, as shown below:
    Click on the OK button to save the settings.

  • You should now easily see the old network activity indicator back in action, when any network activity occurring. This application, provides both the Windows XP style network activity icon and Windows Vista style network activity icon.

You can further customize the settings of this application by right-clicking on the Network Activity Indicator notification area icon.


Select Settings and customize the blink duration rate, the type of traffic whose activity to be shown, if Vista style icons to be used for the indicator or not and customize its startup settings too.


Overall this application fulfills all the needs and is a worthy replacement of the default built-in network activity indicator Windows 7. You should definitely give this application a try, you will like it as much as we did! :)

[ Download Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 ]

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