Windows 7 in a Box – Access All Features Of Windows 7

If you have recently switched to Windows 7 and finding it difficult to find all the advanced settings, hidden deep inside. Then, here is the ultimate tool for you, Windows 7 in a Box. Earlier we mentioned about a similar program for Windows XP, Windows XP in a Box. Both these programs helps you find hidden advanced settings related to different Windows functions, programs, gives access to different hidden Windows tools, etc.

Windows 7 in a Box is designed to help you guide through the brand new operating system from Microsoft. It is easy to navigate and puts an end to all the frustration of endless searching for any particular setting or tool. You can now access all these settings in one click. Windows 7 in a box can make the complete novice user a pro. It is completely portable so you can run it from anywhere. The download size is just 123 kb.


You can download Windows 7 in a box from the link below:

[ Download Windows 7 in a Box ]

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