VMLite XP Mode, an Alternative to Microsoft Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

xp-modeOne notable feature of Windows 7 is the Windows XP Mode and Microsoft provides this for free. XP Mode lets users run Windows XP virtually inside Windows 7. However the catch is, to run Windows XP Mode you must have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate version installed and your computer must have hardware‐assisted virtualization support.

Not everyone is lucky enough to run the pricey edition of Windows 7 that supports XP Mode or their hardware supports hardware‐assisted virtualization. Most of the general users who opted for Windows 7 Home Premium edition or lower will not be able to install Windows XP Mode. But they still will need the functionality that Windows XP Mode offers. So, what these users should do?  Here is something that is made keeping mind about everyone who wants to run Windows XP inside Windows 7. So that their old programs can still work, even if they upgrade to Windows 7.


VMLite XP Mode an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows XP Mode offers similar functions. But the difference is it doesn’t require hardware-assisted virtualization and can run on any PC with Windows XP and above as host operating system. Even though VMLite XP Mode takes advantage of Intel Virtualization Technology or AMD‐V feature if it is available.


VMLite XP Mode Features

  • Provides similar functions as Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode from Microsoft
  • No requirement for hardware-assisted virtualization, namely, it runs without VT-x or AMD-V
  • Provides seamless integration with host desktop to run applications from Windows XP virtual machine
  • Host files can be accessed from within the XP Mode virtual machine easily
  • Support 3rd party virtual machine images
  • Runs on any PC with Windows XP and above as host operating system
  • Highly performed, XP Mode boots in 15 seconds

Note: You will need to create a free account first at VMLite’s website to download VMLite XP Mode.

[ Download VMLite XP Mode ]

I also found out that Parallels is working on a similar project. At this moment known as Parallels Solution for Windows 7 Migration.

Parallels is offering a new product that will enables users to run their existing Windows XP programs side-by-side with Windows 7. Users will have complete access to all of their favorite Windows XP programs, including programs that are not supported by Windows 7, without having to reinstall or upgrade those programs in Windows 7’s XP Mode. Users will even be able to migrate their existing Windows XP programs and data straight to their new Windows 7 computer.

So, if you are interested in Parallels product than you can get yourself registered for the Extended Beta that they are offering now.

What do you feel about this free Microsoft Windows XP Mode alternative? Share us about your experiences using any XP Mode that you are using now by commenting. :)

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