Audials One 10 Review

My Technology Guide readers are already aware of the Audials application. We have been reviewing this application since it was in its fourth generation and since then it has been our favorite application. Audials AG, the parent company behind Audials One, has released the tenth generation of the application, Audials One 10. Let’s see if it still holds the punch, more important, will it still be able to hold on to its crown of being our favorite multimedia application?

Audials One 10 comes with many innovative features which lets you record movies, listen and record online radio, find and save your favorite music, and manage all media files for PC, smartphone and tablet.

Audials One 10: Interface

The new Audials One 10 has a very clean and elegant user interface which goes well with the Windows 8 metro interface. It uses slick, but simple user interface which has been improved a lot. If you look back to the earlier versions, you will find the new interface much more easy to use.


Even the redesigned mini player and the compact views are very well thought off.


The number of themes available with the latest version has been increased too, along with two Windows 8 metro UI like themes.


Audials One 10: Functionality

It’s all about music, videos and only pure entertainment…

Yes, that’s right Audials One is all about music and videos. In the left hand side, you will find quick access links to all the functions. Starting from online radio, music search, music wishes, podcast to music television. The online radio library of Audials One is very vast and if you are a die-hard music fan, you will never be away from listening to your favorite radio station or artists.


The music search function is pretty useful. It lets you search and download your favorite artists work through a number of online services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh, Tangle and more. Simply type the name of the artist, album or song name and click on search. If you just want to have fun, you can also click on the double-left arrow button to show the artist browser. After receiving the results, you can either click on the play button on the inbuilt player to view the content or you can click on the record button to save it. You also have the option to save the file as audio file.


Music wishes is a very unique feature offered by the application. Using music wishes, you create a list of your favorite songs and click on the fulfill button. The application automatically starts searching through all the radio stations and online video sources to fulfill your wish, automatically recording the songs to your hard disk.


The podcast player lets you find your favorite podcast, subscribe to it and play it. The database of podcast is very vast, but the categorization makes it easier to find a particular podcast. Music television lets you view online free channels. Though the database is not that vast when compared with the online radio database, you have the option to add custom channels and save them for quick access.


The streaming section basically lets you record live audio or video from various online services like Pandora, Spotify,, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Vimeo,, Break, Veoh, Ustream, etc.


Universal Converter

The converter function lets you convert any music or video file to different formats including for mobile devices. The number of presets available for conversion is very vast and you will seldom need to manually configure the converter. The next function, copy DVD lets copy movie DVD’s and convert them to files.


We quickly tested the conversion function and found that the conversion is pretty fast on our Core i5 laptop having 4 GB RAM running on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit operating system. But do remember this may change on your machine depending on the hardware juice you have on your computer.

Media Center

The media center has also been given a new look. Everything looks clean here, making it very easy to organize your media collection and sync it among various devices. Audials Anywhere function is available here which turns your simple desktop or laptop into your own personal multimedia cloud station.



Overall Audials One remains our favorite application for all our entertainment needs. The latest version is a very good and is worth the upgrade. If you have recently joined the Windows 8 community you will surely need to upgrade to the tenth generation of the program as Audials One 9 offers very limited operation on Windows 8.

It’s not that everything went on smoothly while we were testing the application. Since, we installed the application on our USB flash drive, when we launched the application we received an error with the USBUnplugMonitor.exe file. We notified the developers about the error and they acknowledged that it’s a bug and have assured us that in the next update, this bug will be fixed.

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