AudialsOne Platinum 4 [Software Review]

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Manufacturer: RapidSolution Software
Version Tested AudialsOne Platinum
Version Number 4.0.28408.800
Build Date Oct 15, 2009

Overall Rating:


Using AudialsOne can result “in an unlimited dose of entertainment every second, quickly filled up GB’s even TB’s of hard disk space and using the full potential of your unlimited Internet connection!


Quick downloads of online audio or video, automatic tagging and the ease of use. Support to remove DRM protection from audio, video or even HD videos from your own paid media files.


Inbuilt media player can have more features like an equalizer and some more controls.


AudialsOne gives you instant access to over 40,000 Internet radio stations spread over 80 genres, 70,000 artists with millions of songs, international video, music and podcast portals. Simply enter in an artist or song title and AudialsOne will take it from there. With AudialsOne, every Internet radio station in the world is just a push of a button away. It offers unbeatable capabilities for targeting and downloading unlimited quantities of the free entertainment you’re looking for.

AudialsOne, developed by RapidSolution Software, is a complete suite which includes all the features of their other three products, viz, Radiotracker, Tunebite and Mediaraptor. It also includes powerful features like AutoTag, Podcast, a powerful media organizer, in-built music and video player, ring-tone maker, disk burner, convert media into the formats you need and also remove DRM copy protection.


Installation [9/10]

Installing AudialsOne is very easy and you just need to follow the installation wizard. After selecting your installation directory, the installer asks if you want to integrate your existing music collection or not.


During installation don’t forget the to consider installing the LAME MP3 encoder.


After the first installation process, it will ask for confirmation of Driver installation.


Then the installer will configure Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable.


At some point of installation, the Security Center pops up a message about installing RapidSolution driver, click on Install here to successfully install AudialsOne.


Features [9/10]

AudialsOne is having almost all the features that any music lover can ask for. The included features pretty much takes care of all your entertainment needs. Everything is accessible through the main user interface and is just a click away.

When you first launch AudialsOne, you will be in the Radio tab, if you want to record some music of your favourite genre or from your favourite Internet radio station or social radios like, imeem, pandora or soundclick, just select the desired genre and click on Start Recording. AudialsOne will automatically start ripping songs for you, tag them, download other media information, lyrics, etc and save the songs automatically.


If you click on the Stations button, you can browse through different genres of Internet radio from around the world. Here, you can add manually Internet radio stations which are not present in the list. If you select a lower bit-rate for the streaming stations you will end up with a lot more results.


You can use the Search tab to search for music or videos of a particular artist or song. Under Search when you click on the Artist button, you can browse through a large database of artists.


One of the notable feature of AudialsOne is the WishList. Using Wishlist, you can search the web for music and videos by artists that you have specified. You can compile several wish lists, and switch between them. AudialsOne saves all your wish lists automatically.


The Web functionality provides a convenient way to get music and videos from any websites like Last.FM, YouTube, etc. AudialsOne automatically keeps track of all media played back in your browser, and saves them to your computer.


If you like Podcast, then AudialsOne is a very good podcatcher. If you don’t know what a Podcast is, don’t worry we are here to help you out. A podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication. A simple definition will be, Podcasts offer regular shows like radio or television series. There are thousands of podcast offering news or entertainment shows as well as podcast dedicated to specific topics. You can add podcast to the list to listen or download or watch podcast episodes.


Using Converter, you can remove annoying DRM from the audio and video files that you own to easily transfer them to other computers and portable devices or you can simply convert your audio and video files to other formats. When converting there are different formats you can convert the files to depending on what you want to play them on. I did a test with some of my DRM audio files and AudialsOne lived up my expectations and perfectly removed the DRM protection while keeping the quality of the file intact. Full marks here to AudialsOne.


AudialsOne comes with a powerful feature called Organize. You can organize all your multimedia files and categorize them into Artists and Genres. You can let AudialsOne automatically reorganize all your media. Here, you will find a nice feature called Autotag. Autotag searches the Internet for meta data to tag your recorded mp3’s. It also finds album artwork and lyrics from a variety of sources. If you have lesser known music you can also manually edit the tags as well.


It also includes a ring-tone creator, if you want to create ring-tones for your mobile device. You can create ringtones by clicking on the Mobile button.


The in-built burner allows you to burn tracks to a disc.


audials TV is another cool feature for watching music videos of all music genres from the web.


AudialsOne features portable device synchronization. Just click on the Gadget button to configure and synchronise your portable device like your mobile, MP3 player, etc with your music collection.

Ease of Use [9/10]

Even though it is fully feature packed and many things going on simultaneously in AudialsOne but everything is laid out nicely, just a click away and is very easy to use. AudialsOne allows you to find tons of streaming music and video from around the web to download or view or listen. You can easily filter the search to a particular genre or artist. Click on Start Recording to download the media from the web. You can then view the progress or listen to the currently ripped song while AudialsOne is saving them to the hard drive.

Performance [8/10]

Overall AudialsOne performed very well. It successfully ripped and processed audio and video quickly on my AMD system running Windows 7, while I was using the Organize and using the in-built player to listen to the music simultaneously. But as you can understand that running all these processes is surely going to take up resources, but it didn’t bog down my system at all. As I was also using Chrome to surf the Internet and also had other programs running. As you can see in the screenshot below, the first screenshot is taken when I was doing all the stuff said above and the second one when AudialsOne was only ripping songs and videos.



Product Support [9/10]

RapidSolution Software offers free customer support for AudialsOne through a variety of channels that includes FAQ, a dedicated forum for each of their products and email support which is answered within three working days.


AudialsOne is the best online media downloader and recording solution that any music lover can get. AudialsOne helps finding and downloading music and video very fast and easy process. You can easily remove annoying DRM protection from all your current media. AudialsOne is offered in two versions: AudialsOne freeware to test all the functions and download only 40 songs and AudialsOne Platinum which retails for $59.90/€ 44.90

Warning: Using AudialsOne can result “in an unlimited dose of entertainment every second, quickly filled up GB’s even TB’s of hard disk space and using the full potential of your unlimited Internet connection!” ;)

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