Best Free VPN Services To Securely Browse Internet

VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses a public network (usually the Internet) to create a secure reliable communication between remote sites or users. Primarily a VPN is used by large geographically diverse business organizations so that their employee or a remote site can securely connect with them using a VPN Tunnel.

Other than the use of VPN services in organizations for secure connection, VPN services are now widely used to bypass Internet censorship. Using a VPN you can get access to location-restricted websites like Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, etc. Sometimes, VPN services are also used to protect privacy.

In simple words, a VPN creates a secure (encrypted) tunnel between your computer and the VPN service provider. Through this tunnel whatever data flows is completely safe from the prying eyes of ISPs, hackers, monitoring agencies who might be tapping your online activities. So, whatever is the reason, if you came here looking for free VPN services, you’re at the right page.


Below we have included the five best quality* free VPN services for your personal use. Please don’t forget to read the note at the end of the article.


TunnelBear is our favorite VPN app now because of its simplicity and ease of use. You just need to download and install it, sign up for an account, and choose location of the content you want to get access to. Flip the switch to on position and voilà you can view all the location-restricted websites in the US and UK.

It offers 500MB per month for free usage and is available for both Windows and Mac. If you pay $5/month, you will get unlimited tunneling. We’re coming up with a full review of TunnelBear soon. :)

Access Locations: US, UK
Free bandwidth available: 500 MB
Pricing: $9.99 4.99 per month / $49.99 per year for unlimited tunneling.
Mobile VPN: Yes (beta version available for iPhone/iPad)


CyberGhost VPN offers all free users 1 GB bandwidth per month with some limitations. You’re disconnected every 6 hours from the service, after which you need to redial again. The speed is limited to 2 Mbps, which we think is more than enough for casual users. To start using their free services, you just need to download their client and follow instructions.

They have a lot of servers spread across many countries (at the time of writing around 64 were online). So, you can expect some good service from them. If you need more bandwidth you can easily upgrade to their premium version which stats from 4.17 € per month.

Access Locations: US, UK, NL
Free bandwidth available: 1 GB
Pricing: Starts from 4.17 € per month for unlimited traffic volume with conditions.
Mobile VPN: No

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service which can be used for accessing the Internet. It is available for PC as well as Mac. You can create an instant virtual private network (VPN) tunnel between your laptop and the router at any Wi-Fi hot spot to protect your data from snoops on the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you’re on a network that limits the use of certain apps (such as Skype), the VPN could give you unfettered access. It even works with your wired connection for an extra layer of security. The free service uses advertisements to offer you the service.

Access Locations: US
Free bandwidth available: Unlimited with restrictions.
Pricing: Starts from $ 4.99 per month
Mobile VPN: Yes (iPhone/iPad, Android coming soon)


proXPN is a personal VPN that provides you safety and privacy while using the Internet. Free proXPN VPN accounts comes with the some restrictions. Free VPN accounts bandwidth speeds are limited to 100 Kbps and all ports except standard web browsing is restricted.

This VPN service is particularly useful for casual browsing in Wi-Fi hotspots and other untrusted locations. If you need more, you can obviously upgrade to their premium VPN services.

Access Locations: US, UK, NL
Free bandwidth available: Unlimited with restrictions.
Pricing: Starts from $ 9.95 per month
Mobile VPN: Yes (iPhone/iPad)


JonDo, formerly JAP, is basically an IP changer proxy tool and not actually a VPN service. It is a research project which offers free anti-censorship anonymous connections. It is not actually a VPN service, but still it’s worthy to find a place in this list.

You can use this service to connect thru Internet and access your favorite sites. But, don’t expect too much from its free service. Use it for surfing websites and your browsing needs only. If you can get a premium service from them, they’re surely serious providers.

The JonDonym / AN.ON technology is based on the principle of multiple (layered) encryption, distribution and processing. This procedure does not only protect your Internet activities from being observed by third parties (against your access provider, WLAN hackers, advertising services and websites), but also against observation by the individual JonDonym providers themselves.

Access Locations: Randomly Chosen
Free bandwidth available: Unlimited but with restrictions of 2 MB maximum file size for uploads and downloads over HTTP.
Pricing: Starts from 5 € for 6 months (650 MB)
Mobile VPN: Yes (Android)

*We have only included those VPN services which we have either tested or if they’re highly trusted.

We’re sure that the list is not complete and there are still many free VPN services available. For completing the list, we’ll need your help. If we missed your favorite VPN client, please comment below and share it with us all.

A word of caution to the (would-be) spammer of cheap VPN services that offers no quality or good service at all. If you’re going to comment please adhere to our comments policy and use your real name instead of a keyword. We’ll check the service ourselves before your comment gets approved! Keep the page clean and help us create a useful list. :)

*All information are correct at the time of publish. If a service changes their pricing structure or changes their free bandwidth quota, please comment below, we will update it. Please note that mobile access is provided to premium users only.
Image by DaveBleasdale, on Flickr

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