Audials Light: Listen To Online Radio, Watch Videos, Record Media, Manage Your Media Collection

Audials Light is a freeware easy to use multimedia application that allows you to create playlists, listen to online radio and search video files online. We have earlier reviewed almost all Audials software including Audials Tunebite, Audials Moviebox, Audials One. All of these software were paid versions, but finally, Audials has come up with Audials Light, the freeware version of their popular range of multimedia application.

Audials Light

Audials Light Installation

The installation process is simple and provides option to either install the software or make a portable copy of it. The installer checks online to see if you’ve the latest version or not.

Audials Light User Interface

Like all the other Audials software, Audials Light has the same user interface, divided into three sections. You can retract each section if you want to save screen space.

Audials Light

The left-most section lets you quickly access all the functionality provided by the application:

  • Listen and record online radio
  • Find, subscribe and play Podcasts
  • Watch Music television
  • Search music and music videos from the Internet
  • Record online videos or from applications
  • Organize your media and keep them in sync with all your devices using Audials Anywhere.

The middle section as usual changes according to function chosen from the left section. The right section gives you access to its in-built media player and the option mange all your multimedia collection.

Audials Light Usage

The application is easy to use with all its features neatly organized. If you want to listen to your favorite online radio station, select the radio station from the large radio station database and listen to the internet radio station.

Audials Light

Audials Light also lets you organize the radio stations and sort them by genre, country or artist. If you like listening to podcasts, using the software you can subscribe to all your favorite podcasts and listen to them.

Audials Light

The Music TV is another good feature which lets you watch online music televisions. Though the database of music TV stations is not as vast as that of the internet radio stations, but it has some good channels. The music search option lets you search for a particular music from a number of online sources.

Audials Light

The save video option lets you record online videos from any video hosting website like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. This feature is similar to the Streaming feature, excluding the advance convert options, which we saw earlier while reviewing Audials Moviebox. Audials Anywhere feature allows you to keep in sync all your computers, notebooks and netbooks to your own personal cloud network.

Audials Light

Audials Light’s Media Center lets you organize all your media collection and sync media files various devices. All recorded files will appear in the Player, which allows you to listen and watch the recorded files. You can create custom playlists, export songs to any device. You can edit or let the software add information of the supported media files. Additionally, you can burn your media to CD/DVD, create ringtones, export to a specific folder or to cloud storage providers or use with Audials Anywhere. The program supports 4Shared,, Dropbox, eSnips, Windows SkyDrive, Strato HiDrive, T-Online and the WebDAV format.

Audials Light


Audials Light is titled “Light” but it’s not light on features. It’s a feature rich multimedia application that lets you enjoy audio and videos without any restrictions. You can download Audials Light from the official website.

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