Audials Moviebox 9 Review (Plus Giveaway)

Audials Moviebox is a very versatile multimedia application. The app lets users rip DVDs, download videos from any website, synchronize media collection with portable devices, play videos and comes with a built-in audio and video converter. Here, we’re taking the latest version of Audials Moviebox 9 for full review. At the end of the article you’ll find information about our exclusive giveaway of Audials Moviebox.

Audials Moviebox 9 Installation

The installation process is the same like we’ve seen while reviewing Audials One, the “ultimate edition” of Audials. Installation of the application was smooth and took a few minutes to complete. While installing, we’re given the option to choose between typical and advanced installation. Since, we’re doing a complete review; we went with the advanced install option.


After extracting some files, the installation process went ahead. Now, we’re presented with the option to install locally or install the application on USB drive. This is a great option for users who likes keep a portable copy of an application for using it from any computer.


Moviebox User Interface

After installation was complete we’re presented with the typical user interface that can be seen in all Audials applications. If you’ve never used any Audials application, the user interface can be divided into three sections. If the user interface is too overwhelming, you can retract a maximum of two sections to save screen space.


The left most sections displays buttons to access the core functions:

  • DVD Ripper – Copy (rip) the content of any movie DVD to your computer
  • Universal Converter – Convert audio and video files
  • Streaming – Capture streaming videos from any website and application
  • Media Center – Play audio/video files, synchronize media files with mobile, portable device, multimedia player, cloud or Audials Anywhere.

The middle section is usually where you will be concentrating more. The middle sections changes according to the option chosen in the left section.

The right most section displays a media player for playing ripped, downloaded or converted audio/video files, a playlist of recent video files and the option mange your multimedia collection.

Audials Moviebox Functionality

DVD Ripper

The DVD ripper function at first asks to insert a video DVD into the computer’s DVD drive. After it detects the media, it offers a convert menu to select from a range of predefined output format.

Normal movie DVDs without copy protection are directly saved on the computer. But for copy protected DVDs, the process is long (since the entire movie is played back for recording). The DVD is first played back and than captured by the application to comply with local laws. You’ll need to make sure that your computer is powerful enough to handle both these tasks simultaneously and you do not use the computer during the process. More about conversion options in the next section.


The multimedia converter is very powerful and supports both audio and video files as input. With quick drag and drop support, you can easily import media files into the user interface for conversion. You can also use the file browser or use the search function to import media files.

Predefined conversion profiles for popular Android mobiles, Apple devices, Windows Phone, Nokia devices, gaming consoles and many other devices are available. If your particular device is not available, you can always create custom conversion profiles.


Whenever any function of Moviebox requires any type of media conversion, the conversion process remained same.

The converter can automatically tag (Meta tag supported) media files by searching for cover photos, ID3 tags and lyrics. The conversion process is fast but will greatly vary depending on the profile selected and the hardware power of your computer.


The streaming feature can be used to capture audio and video streams from the Internet and various applications.


To start the capturing process, simply click on the video recording button. Once started, the application starts scanning the network for multimedia streams. If it detects any streams, it automatically (or manually, based on preference) starts saving the stream. After the stream is saved, it can be converted directly to selected media format.


I did a quick test on various video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo and others and the result was pretty impressive. The program automatically fetches the playing media files and displays them in the user interface.

One of the powerful features of Audials Moviebox is the way it captures the streams. Based on the stream, it either downloads the media file or records from the screen. It’s because of this feature; I was able to capture streams correctly. You also have the option to select an area for recording when the application can’t detect the stream.


Media Center

As the name goes by, Media Center allows you to manage all your media collection and sync media files various devices.


Additionally, you can burn your media to CD/DVD, create ringtones, export to a specific folder or to cloud storage providers or use with Audials Anywhere. The program supports 4Shared,, Dropbox, eSnips, Windows SkyDrive, Strato HiDrive, T-Online and the WebDAV format.



Audials Moviebox 9 is a powerful multimedia solution if you regularly handle media files. The application is a bit resource intensive, in our tests RAM usage hovered around 200 MB to 280 MB. It’s expected since the number of features the application provides. Even though Audials Moviebox is very feature rich but it’s also easy to use too. My personal favorite feature of the application is its ability to easily capture streams and the plethora of options available for converting media effortlessly.

Audials Moviebox Giveaway

Audials has sponsored 5 licenses of Audials Moviebox 9 for giveaway. You’ll be included in the drawing when you complete the giveaway form below. Make sure you use a working email address so that I can contact you if you’ve won one of the licenses.

Note: If you cannot see the giveaway form above, please white-list our website in your Ad-blocker or enable JavaScript in your browser.

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