CopyTrans TuneSwift: Backup, Transfer, Restore Your iTunes Library

CopyTrans TuneSwift is a utility to easily backup, transfer and restore your iTunes library. TuneSwift suite allows you to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer in one click, be it Mac or Windows. It allows you to transfer the backup to another computer, or you can even restore your backup on the same computer later. The backup archive file created contains music, books, apps, playlists, etc. TuneSwift uses incremental backup technology which means it appends the previous backup and saves the recent changes only instead of creating a full backup every time.


To use CopyTrans TuneSwift, download TuneSwift and install it. Once installed, open the app and you will find three big buttons: Transfer, Backup, and Restore. The Transfer utility lets you select your iTunes library and choose the OS where you want it transferred. If you select the Windows option, it will then ask you if you want to transfer your library on a new computer, on a different directory within your computer, or on an external hard drive. For successfully transferring to Mac, TuneSwift first requires you to transfer your files to an external drive hard drive.


The Backup utility archives all your iTunes media files in a single file, which you can then use to restore to other PCs or to fix your broken iTunes library. You can also export your iTunes library from your iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone and create your own backup which you can then restore to iTunes.


  • Transfer iTunes from one computer to another
  • Move your iTunes library from PC to Mac
  • Back up the entire iTunes library including purchases
  • Restore iTunes to PC or Mac, anytime and anywhere
  • Free until March 15, 2011

To know more Check out Copytrans TuneSwift website. To get the full licensed version of CopyTrans TuneSwift, download the setup from here. Then use the TUNESWIFT-ACTI-VATE-ME license key to unlock and activate the full version of CopyTrans TuneSwift. This offer is valid only up to 15 March 2011.

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