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Here’s a quick overview of upcoming changes! A lot of things are changing at your favorite tech site My Technology Guide (MTG). We believe this changes will be in favor of our readers. Providing them more choices to choose about what they care most. Rewarding them for their continued support and loyalty. We are excited to share the details with you all!

To all our readers,

We have changed our site’s permanent links structure to a new shorter and more usable one. Our earlier links were very long and difficult to remember, it was also bad for our site’s overall SEO. So, we have decided to change the link structure before it’s too late (it’s already late though…but we don’t want to delay it anymore).

This change should not affect you and give you “Page not found errors” for all the bookmarks of our site, as you will be automatically redirected to the same article, and you will not even notice the redirect. But, to be on the safe side, we request you to please visit those bookmarks once again and update them with the new links.

Today, My Technology Guide faced a small issue which caused almost all the pages to either load blank page or appeared broken. We apology for the inconvenience faced by our readers due to this.

The main reason this happened, as we found out after investigating is as follows. I forgot to change the settings of our cache plugin (W3 Total Cache) and upgraded PHP on our server. This broke the APC cache module which was serving the minified code to our visitors. We also installed Google’s new mod_pagespeed on our server to serve our pages faster to our readers. But we found out that minify and other advanced cache settings were breaking down and the number of errors increased.

You might have already noticed that we have activated a new WordPress theme for My Technology Guide. We are still testing it for bugs and other areas that are important for better visitor experiences.

Please help us out by letting us know in the comments if you find anything not working and we’ll squash all the bugs asap! We would of course also like to listen to your opinion about the new theme. :)

I am very happy to say that My Technology Guide turned one today. A year back on this same day, I started My Technology Guide with an aim to help people with problems related to their computers. Today, I am very happy to announce that My Technology Guide is successfully fulfilling the aim.

My Technology Guide is a website dedicated at providing information, tips and tricks, help, free (tech) support, etc. The main aim behind developing My Technology Guide is to help our reader with simple solutions to everyday (tech) problems related to Windows, Linux, Mac, Computer Security, etc but not limited to them only.

Regular readers of our website might have already noticed a new feature that I have just added to enhance user interaction on our website. The comment form now lists a Twitter Username field next to the standard username, website and email fields that existed before.

My Technology Guide commenters who will from now on add their Twitter username to that field in the comment form, their Twitter username will then be added to their comment. Most probably, I will change how the Twitter username is laid out in the future but now, it all works perfectly. This is an excellent opportunity to attract more followers.

This is a quick update about an unscheduled back-end maintenance of My Technology Guide. From the last couple of days, we are facing an issue with our back-end which is not allowing us to post new articles properly.

As said earlier, this is a back-end issue, so the site is not down but we have disabled most of the additional features of this site for the maintenance. You may find difficulty in navigating the site or the site may not display correctly or the pages may load slowly.

We are extremely sorry for the trouble and inconvenience this may cause to you.