Twitter @Anywhere Feature Added to My Technology Guide

Regular readers of our website might have already noticed a new feature that I have just added to enhance user interaction on our website. The comment form now lists a Twitter Username field next to the standard username, website and email fields that existed before.

My Technology Guide commenters who will from now on add their Twitter username to that field in the comment form, their Twitter username will then be added to their comment. Most probably, I will change how the Twitter username is laid out in the future but now, it all works perfectly. This is an excellent opportunity to attract more followers.

twitter integration

The Twitter @Anywhere integration on My Technology Guide looks something like in the screenshot below:


So, when someone hovers their mouse on the Twitter username, it displays all the details about the Twitter user and also displays a Follow button. This will surely help increase your Twitter followers, and this will increase more rapidly if your comment is very useful.

I have also repositioned the subscribe to comments check box. The box is now also accessible via keyboard tab just like any other comment form field on the page.

What do you think about the new Twitter Username comment field? Let us know in the comments. :)

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