My Technology Guide Having Back-End Maintenance [Quick Update]

This is a quick update about an unscheduled back-end maintenance of My Technology Guide. From the last couple of days, we are facing an issue with our back-end which is not allowing us to post new articles properly.

As said earlier, this is a back-end issue, so the site is not down but we have disabled most of the additional features of this site for the maintenance. You may find difficulty in navigating the site or the site may not display correctly or the pages may load slowly.

We are extremely sorry for the trouble and inconvenience this may cause to you.

As soon as the maintenance is over, My Technology Guide should return to its glory!

Update 1: My Technology Guide is now back to normal. Since, we had to clean up our database and had to reset every settings, we lost the comment subscription database table. If you subscribed to any My Technology Guide article’s comment updates, you have to subscribe again to continue receiving updates. Feedburner Email subscriptions are not affected by this.

Update 2: If you notice any site specific problem or bug or face problem in commenting, please help us remove those errors by telling us about it. Please include the page address with as much information as you can about the error while sending us the bug report.

Thank you for your support, co-operation and patience.

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