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Apologies for the major downtime that lasted around 4 hours. The main reason for the downtime reported was file system error in the web server. In order to rectify the problem, the server was restarted and checked for errors. According to the latest update, the web server is now working fine…

My Technology Guide had a rough day today with around 3 hour, 15 min of downtime in total. The main cause of this was the server on which it was hosted. So we took the issue with Dreamhost Support (our host) to see into the matter. They promptly replied with an apology for the situation explaining about why this was happening. In order to save us from further downtime, they moved us to a new server entirely.

Hi My Technology Guide readers,

My semester exams are starting from 15th December and will end on 26th December. I have a lot of revisions to do too. Due to this, I will not be able to give quality time in writing new articles here for you until 26th December, 2009.

Even though I wrote a few articles in advanced and scheduled them to post, unfortunately in a hurry I accidentally deleted the images folder making a lot of images gone missing in them. So, I had to revert them from publishing. Anyway, I will try to write new posts in between if I get some free time.

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Official My Technology Guide fan page on Facebook. Now, our readers on Facebook will be able to follow My Technology Guide’s updates and happenings on Facebook. This will also help us to come even closer to our readers via the interaction through the “My Technology Guide Fan Page”. Readers can easily contribute more through their comments and feedback on the articles on our Facebook Fan Page.

One of the great things about our Fan Page is that any Facebook user can post their comments, feedback, suggestions, criticism on My Technology Guide’s Fan page ‘Wall’.

Most of our regular readers must have noticed the irregularities in the posting of new articles from the back few days. Well, the reason for this irregularity is the tough time that we are going through. This update about the present situation will clear about what problems we are facing at this moment.

First nuisance is our broadband connection. This is the third time that our broadband connection got disconnected due to some cables being damaged by the construction work going on in our area. All our telephone lines in our area is dead. Secondly, our backup connection went bad all at the same time and we had no choice but to wait. To make matters worse, one of our family member is ill and is going medication.

Though, still our main broadband connection is still not restored, we are posting this update about the present situation using our third option, that is GPRS connection which is tad slow and very expensive.

We can only hope that everything comes back to normal as soon as possible.

My Technology Guide will start its operations from 1st July 2009! As you can see, we are up! ;)

This website is all about providing information, tips and tricks and simple solutions to everyday (tech) problems. Be it Technology information, Windows, Linux, Mac, Security, Internet, or be it Web 2.0, everything will be here under one roof!

Feel free to speak your thoughts through the comments and become a part of the community.

So take your time and enjoy your stay here!