My Technology Guide – Present Situation Update

Most of our regular readers must have noticed the irregularities in the posting of new articles from the back few days. Well, the reason for this irregularity is the tough time that we are going through. This update about the present situation will clear about what problems we are facing at this moment.

First nuisance is our broadband connection. This is the third time that our broadband connection got disconnected due to some cables being damaged by the construction work going on in our area. All our telephone lines in our area is dead. Secondly, our backup connection went bad all at the same time and we had no choice but to wait. To make matters worse, one of our family member is ill and is going medication.

Though, still our main broadband connection is still not restored, we are posting this update about the present situation using our third option, that is GPRS connection which is tad slow and very expensive.

We can only hope that everything comes back to normal as soon as possible.

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