Semester Exams until 26th December, 2009

Hi My Technology Guide readers,

My semester exams are starting from 15th December and will end on 26th December. I have a lot of revisions to do too. Due to this, I will not be able to give quality time in writing new articles here for you until 26th December, 2009.

Even though I wrote a few articles in advanced and scheduled them to post, unfortunately in a hurry I accidentally deleted the images folder making a lot of images gone missing in them. So, I had to revert them from publishing. Anyway, I will try to write new posts in between if I get some free time.

During this time do email me with new tips, compliment or even critiques. They definitely lifts my spirit and inspires me to write more good articles. Also you can join and talk with other members in the official Facebook fan page.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

À bientôt! See you all on 26th December, stay cool! :)

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