My Technology Guide Moved to a New Server [Update]

My Technology Guide had a rough day today with around 3 hour, 15 min of downtime in total. The main cause of this was the server on which it was hosted. So we took the issue with Dreamhost Support (our host) to see into the matter. They promptly replied with an apology for the situation explaining about why this was happening. In order to save us from further downtime, they moved us to a new server entirely.

The move to the new server was almost transparent and caused little to no trouble at all. I don’t had to do any work on the server or configure anything entirely due to this move. The support staff were very friendly and they kept a close eye to the server move. They configured everything and we regained back stability.

We are very happy with Dreamhost’s prompt solution and their best support which helped us to come back to normal track in no time! Kudos Dreamhost! :)

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