Overview Of Upcoming Changes At My Technology Guide

Here’s a quick overview of upcoming changes! A lot of things are changing at your favorite tech site My Technology Guide (MTG). We believe this changes will be in favor of our readers. Providing them more choices to choose about what they care most. Rewarding them for their continued support and loyalty. We are excited to share the details with you all!

My Technology Guide

What you should expect from the changes?

In the coming days, we will post more quality articles to cover the vast amount of topics we cover.

We will move all our email subscribers to MailChimp. We believe this move will give our newsletter subscribers flexibility to choose. It will help us communicate more transparently with all our newsletter subscribers. Exclusive bonus content and contests will follow next once we complete the transfer.

We believe the flexibility to choose will make our readers happy and they will get updates about the topics they care most.

The next time you subscribe to our newsletters, you don’t need to subscribe to all the topics covered by us. If you subscribed for Windows, you will receive newsletters about Windows only. You will not receive newsletter about Apple, Linux, Smartphones or any other topics that we cover. If you want to, you will have option to subscribe to all the topics!

We are aware of your disappointed by the sudden stop of Loyalty rewards. We used to use PunchTab, a third-party, to offer loyalty rewards. After PunchTab retired loyalty rewards, we couldn’t do anything and had to stop it. We will hopefully come up with similar reward program of our own. We will share more when we are ready to launch it.

Many MTG readers are not aware of other small projects. We haven’t shared much information about these projects. We feel we should let you all know about them. Along with the announcements, we will be moving them under one network. After we move under one network, we will make changes to our branding. All our social media will show the branding changes!

Thank you for being our loyal readers, followers and fans! And yes, we appreciate you all for helping us be an independent tech website. With your continued support, we strive to stay an independent publisher, even in this hard times.

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We will share more about the changes as we go ahead to conquer our goals.

What do you think about the upcoming changes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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