Android Market Web Store Finally Released

Google has finally released the Android Market Web Store which you can get access to at:

Through the Android Market Web Store, you can buy apps directly from the Web and push apps directly to your phone. The Android Market Web Store lets users send applications directly to their Android device and share applications with friends through Twitter.

According to Google, the browser-based version of the Android Market will make it easier to discover new applications. Until now, Android Market was only accessible via a mobile phone client “Market”.


Below is an excerpt, highlighting some important features, from a post on Android Developer Blog:

Android Market on the Web dramatically expands the discoverability of applications through a rich browsing experience, suggestion-guided searching, deep linking, social sharing, and other merchandising features.

We are releasing the initial version of Android Market on the Web in English and will be extending it to other languages in the weeks ahead.

Android Market lets you sell applications to users in 32 buyer countries around the world. Today we’re introducing Buyer’s Currency to give you more control over how you price your products across those countries. This feature lets you price your applications differently in each market and improves the purchase experience for buyers by showing prices in their home currencies.

The In-app Billing service manages billing transactions between apps and users, providing a consistent purchasing experience with familiar forms of payment across all apps. At the same time, it gives you full control over how your digital goods are purchased and tracked. You can let Android Market manage and track the purchases for you or you can integrate with your own back-end service to verify and track purchases in the way that’s best for your app.

Features of the Android Market Web Store:

  • It provides lots of developer control to make the app pages look more attractive coupled with more information about the app.
  • Pages are laid out intelligently, with links to other apps by the developer, screenshots of the app, etc.
  • Easy to send apps to friends, via Twitter, email, etc.
  • Sort apps in different ways (compatibility: Android 2.1 and up).
  • You can see all of your installed and purchased apps under “My Market Account.”

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