Apology For The Blank Pages/Broken Page Errors On Our Site

Today, My Technology Guide faced a small issue which caused almost all the pages to either load blank page or appeared broken. We apology for the inconvenience faced by our readers due to this.

The main reason this happened, as we found out after investigating is as follows. I forgot to change the settings of our cache plugin (W3 Total Cache) and upgraded PHP on our server. This broke the APC cache module which was serving the minified code to our visitors. We also installed Google’s new mod_pagespeed on our server to serve our pages faster to our readers. But we found out that minify and other advanced cache settings were breaking down and the number of errors increased.

So, we have re-configured everything and have disabled the settings that were causing trouble. We have tested the settings and they seem to be working now. We are still working and if there are still anything broken, the errors will disappear by tomorrow.

So, if something doesn’t work as expected or the page you’re looking for is no longer there, you can help us by telling us about it through the comments below or by using the contact page.

Thank you,


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