AVG LinkScanner Adds Real-time Protection To Your Browsing

AVG LinkScanner is a free standalone product that protects home users against random, invisible cyber threats. These threats can steal or damage data simply by users visiting infected web pages. Regular anti-virus software cannot protect users against this type of threat due to their transient nature. LinkScanner gives users an extra real-time layer of protection on top of their existing security software.

AVG LinkScanner technology is a part of AVG’s products, including AVG Free. The free standalone version of AVG LinkScanner is available to all and can also be used alongside other antivirus security solutions.

The way the AVG LinkScanner works is it analyses web links in real-time. This enables AVG to deliver far more accurate and relevant protection than other, usually database-driven, safe-surfing solutions. These standard solutions may visit websites only occasionally and they deliver a verdict on a website based on only one or two pages. The standard solutions also uses databases which are refreshed only occasionally.

AVG correlates this with Exploit Intelligence, LinkScanner’s Reputation Filter, and LinkScanner’s Community Intelligence:

  • Exploit Intelligence is an extended network of human researchers, automated probes, honeypots, “hunting pots and search bot focused on discovering new vulnerabilities and exploit examples.
  • The Reputation Filter creates an intelligence filter for known and suspected exploit distribution sites.
  • Community Intelligence is the community of AVG LinkScanner users who allow information about attempted exploitation of the computers to be collected. This data collection process allows LinkScanner users to serve as an extension of internal research efforts. This provides a virtual Neighborhood Watch for the Web to report new malicious web sites back to the internal researches.  Participation in the Community Intelligence program by AVG LinkScanner users ultimately improves protection for all users.
  • AVG LinkScanner runs alongside most home security solutions, performs analysis and delivers current protection that AVG competitors cannot offer.

AVG LinkScanner is available for free for Windows and Mac. If you don’t want to install AVG LinkScanner, you can check a website using AVG Threat Labs.

See the video below for an overview of AVG LinkScanner.

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