Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Technical Preview for Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released

Kaspersky has made available a technical preview version of their flagship security suite Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows 8 Consumer Preview platform.

If you look at the build number of the technical preview, you will find it as The present build of KIS is and titled as Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. So, technically this technical preview build will be titled as Kaspersky Internet Security 2013.

Few days back when Avast 7 was released, it became the first security suite to support the Windows 8 platform. Regular users who just want to protect their Windows 8 systems but don’t want to install a beta security product should install Avast 7 instead of KIS Technical Preview build. Kaspersky themselves have warned users that the software is “distributed as is” and it may be “unstable or may not function properly“.

The 142 Megabyte download of the technical preview build includes the full KIS 2013 product and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8. At the time of installation, you have to install as trial and the product will be automatically activated for 90 days.

KIS Technical Preview Install

Key Features of KIS Technical Preview for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Supports Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s safety features to deliver enhanced protection: Close integration between KIS Technology Preview and Windows Security Center (WSC) means extending license terms, updating antivirus databases, activating various product features and deactivating the product itself can now be performed directly from WSC.

Improved performance: Product speed has been improved.

Testers are requested by KIS to give their feedback at the official Kaspersky Forum.

KIS Technical Preview Install - Reboot Later

Note: When KIS asks the user to Restart their machine to complete installation, users are requested to click on the Restart Later button instead or else the installation will fail to complete. [via KIS forum]

KIS Technical Preview Installation Complete

So, should you install the technical preview build? If you’re a present user of the security suite and want to find out how it will work in Windows 8 may try the Technical Preview build. If you want to contribute by giving feedback to the security vendor about bugs can try this build on their systems. You can download KIS 2013 TP from its official page. If you don’t fall in any of this category and just looking for a security suite for Windows 8 should try Avast 7 instead.

Note: Kaspersky Internet Security Technical Preview is intended for installation exclusively on Windows Consumer Preview only.

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