Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Key, How To Get It?

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where the heck was the 7DR7Y… product key published? I swear I got it from a Microsoft web site and it worked! But I since lost it and can’t seem to find the rest of it anywhere.

  2. romario says:

    i want the product key for windows 8

    can you please help me with that

    [Email address removed by administrator for privacy reasons.]

  3. suhu says:

    win8 using normaly continue automatically system shutdown whats the problem pls help me

  4. HUSH says:

    Hi, i have ths ws 8 i been given, it needs a product key, i have tried all i can, they are all failing, pliz help

  5. shakti says:

    i can not higher resolutions only to 1280*1024 not better than in what i have to i try everything i know

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