Microsoft Started Rolling Out Windows 10 via Windows Update

The final countdown has begun as Microsoft is preparing for the big release of its most anticipated operating system upgrade, Windows 10, at 12 AM ET on July 29th. Reports on various social network and blogosphere suggests that the software giant has already started sending Windows 10 via Windows Update to Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Windows 8.1) users who signed up for Windows 10 Free Upgrade waiting list. Some users have reported noticing a folder C:\$windows.~BT which has the files required for installing Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Once the official time is reached the downloaded files will unlock so Windows 10 installations are activated. Back in June, Microsoft started offering eligible users option to sign up for Windows 10 upgrade. If you have signed up you will get Windows 10 upgrade via Windows Update. If you still don’t see the upgrade happening even after signing up you don’t need to worry. You are already in the queue and eventually will receive Windows 10 free upgrade for your computer.

Windows Insider program users are already testing the final bits of Windows 10. Microsoft is said to develop a “Day One” patch for Windows 10 testers. The software giant has also increased the frequency of updates and hotfixes to all existing testers. All these updates are released to iron out any last-minute issues before the final release.

Look out for more updates about Windows 10 here as the final countdown gets over.

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