Duplicate files may seem harmless to many computer users. If only users knew that these files causes more trouble than good. They eat up hard disk space and system resources, further slowing down your computer. Before you will even know, your large 1 TB or more hard disk space gets filled up. All of these unneeded files causes chaos and increases disorganization in your computer system.

Recently, I started facing this inevitable issue myself. My hard disks, (internal and external, which is more than 6 TB in total) got filled up with files. As happens to any user having tons of disk space, I never organized them properly. I just saved them where ever I found space. Be it on the internal hard disk or external drives. The same version of files mercilessly cloned are now scattered across the different hard disks. That’s when the thought of organizing files came in my mind. But before that I should remove all the duplicate files from all the different storage drives. I tried to find the best free duplicate file finder software for Windows PC to help me out. During this search to find the best, I came across a number of freeware duplicate file finders. I am saying “best” as I had a few requirements in mind before I try the software.

The websphere is buzzing aloud with the rumor that Microsoft may offer the next version of Windows, Windows 9 as a free upgrade (or at a discounted price) for Windows 8.1 Update 2 consumers. Although nothing is announced officially but according to WZOR (a Russian group which is popular for leaks related to Microsoft products), Windows 9 may be released as free upgrade. This move (if Microsoft makes) may be similar to what its competitor Apple has adopted.

The move makes sense in the present scenario of release and distribution of operating systems. Almost all competitors is now offering their operating system for free. Apple does this since 2013, Google offers Chrome OS for free, Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution is always free. Apple started offering free upgrade of its OS X operating system since OS X 10.9 Mavericks release. All users of OS X 10.8 received OS X 10.9 through Mac App Store. Windows may be the most popular operating system but with the huge shift from desktops to portable mode of computing, like tablets, notebooks, and more, the competition is getting tougher. It may be the correct time now for Microsoft to change the way Windows is offered to the customers.

VeraCrypt is an on-the-fly encryption utility, a fork of TrueCrypt. A software fork means that the software is using the source code of the original but it’s not a clone.

Before we talk more about VeraCrypt, here’s what happened to the original TrueCrypt software. TrueCrypt (discontinued now by its original developers) was the most popular encryption software. The sudden abandon of the open source project left many speculations and even led to many conspiracy theories. Official TrueCrypt website started redirecting to SourceForge page. Official announcement stated that TrueCrypt is “not secure” and may have “security issues.” The developers even asked users to use Microsoft Windows BitLocker to encrypt data. The internet was abuzz about the sudden death of the popular project. Many infosec people started suggesting TrueCrypt alternatives. Since VeraCrypt is a fork of TrueCrypt, users may consider it as a good alternative of TrueCrypt.

File compression or file archiving is nothing new for the computing world. In fact its pretty much de-facto for users who regularly downloads files or share files. The concept of packing multiple files into a compressed archive before sending it to someone was very important in the earlier days of the Internet with very less bandwidth. Although the Internet is much faster now with lots of bandwidth, the concept of file compressing is still going great. People still compress files (multiple files) into a single file before sending them over the Internet. One of the advantages of using file compression is it reduces the chances of forgetting to attach an important file. It’s also very frustrating for the person who is receiving the file. Instead of downloading multiple files one after another, he/she just needs to download a single archive. This also bypasses (if the compressed file is password protected) the compressed files from the prying eyes of various email or cloud storage services.

Natively, almost all operating systems can open ZIP files, the most popular file compression format. Although the built-in compression feature on Windows operating system leaves a lot of space for improvement. The ZIP file format is good enough for most users but the world has moved on from using ZIP format to compress files. Many different open-source and proprietary formats like RAR, ARC, TAR, 7Z, etc. are in use now. All these different archive formats has made the need for a dedicated file compression app on Windows a necessity. Here’s a quick look at the five best free file compression software for Windows.

VirusTotal is an online virus scanner for malware analysis by Google. It is widely used around the world to analyze suspicious files and URLs. VirusTotal uses a simple concept of scanning a suspicious file or URL using more than 50 malware scanners. If you regularly download from the Internet, your regular antivirus installed on your computer or Mac, is not enough to offer you 100% security. To be 100% sure that the file you just downloaded is free of any malware, a second opinion is always welcomed. That’s where online malware scanners like VirusTotal fit themselves. It’s not a replacement for your antivirus software as it is not installed and neither have any real-time scanner. Once you upload a suspicious file for scanning using the web interface, VirusTotal uses more than 50 scanners to analyze the file and tell you if the suspicious file is infected with any virus, worm, trojan, or any other kind of malware. For some Mac users, using the online web interface of the service to upload files for scanning is not very convenient. For them, the service has released a new desktop tool called VirusTotal Uploader for OS X.

Do you or your kids love the games released by Disney? Without doubt almost all the puzzle games released by Disney are very enjoyable both for kids and grown-ups. The games inspired by Disney’s movies are good too. Last time, when Disney released the movie Frozen, it came up with a puzzle game titled Frozen Free Fall inspired by the movie itself. It’s still available for download from the Windows Store. Now, Disney came up with a new game inspired by the upcoming epic live-action film Maleficent. Best of all, the game aptly titled Maleficent Free Fall is available for free from the Windows Store and from the Windows Phone Store!

Google Drive app is already available for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. Google Drive until now was good for some basic document editing functionality. Google went forward and released official dedicated apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of the new Google Docs app and Google Sheets app are available as free downloads on both platforms. The company is soon going to release a dedicated app for Google Slides too. With the launch of the new apps, Google seems to be in a better place to compete with its rival Microsoft’s Office app for Android and iOS.

The launch of dedicated apps, the company is breaking out of the single Google Drive app. This approach has its own added benefits. Google Docs for instance may get more powerful with more functions. Google Sheets will handle all the worksheets that you may want to edit or create while you are on the move. Once, Google Slides app is out, you will be able to handle all the presentations. This will also make Google Drive work faster as it will have to only take care of the file storage. Google Drive may become lighter in download size as all the extra codes present for document edit functions may get removed from it. If you don’t download the new apps now, Google Drive will prompt you to download them in a next few days, when you try to edit or create a document or spreadsheet in your Google Drive app.

Compared to the past, hard disk storage space is cheap today. Almost all notebooks, laptop or desktop computers comes with hard disks capacity of more than 500 GB, some are even more than 1 TB of storage space. It’s good in a way to have gigabytes of space to store your HD movies collection, music and photos but you know there’s a problem in having so much free space. As the available disk space increases, we face a tough problem keeping everything organized, easy to be found. After getting a new computer, we all start with the good intention to keep everything organized. Well, let us admit that those “good intentions” ends pretty soon and we end up having everything scattered across weird folder names. Wouldn’t it be great if the computer is intelligent enough to organize all the stuff for us? Well, we hope that day comes pretty soon but until that happens, let’s try DropIt.

DropIt is a freeware Windows application which does all the dirty job of file organization. DropIt makes the task so easy that you will simply start loving it. Instead of doing all the dirty work of manually organizing files to specified folder yourself (and which we never do in reality!), you can use the software to define rules which will sort the files automatically. Read on to see how DropIt helps you out.

Every other day we hear news about reputed websites being hacked or user data are stolen. Although a normal user won’t be able to find out about the security practices used by their favorite websites like Dropbox, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc. But as a user they should definitely try to keep their own passwords strong and unique for each websites. This way, even if one site gets hacked, you can be sure that your other online accounts are safe. You may say, okay that’s a good suggestion but it’s insane to even trying to remember all unique username and passwords combinations for each websites. Well, that’s why we have password managers to do the task and save us. Sticky Password is one such password manager application which promises to keep your passwords safe, secure and organized. Let’s dive in and see if Sticky Password is really worthy or not. In the end there’s also a giveaway exclusively for all My Technology Guide readers.

Are you bored with the default images offered by Windows 8 for its Lock Screen? You can always browse through your wallpaper collection and customize Windows 8 lock screen. There’s a freeware Windows 8 App available which does the job for you. TuneUp IncrediLock is a freeware Windows 8 App which comes with a huge collection of nearly 400 images, which you can use to customize the Lock Screen wallpaper in Windows 8.

Apart from the usual huge collection of Lock Screen images, but the app also has a pretty neat trick up its sleeve. The app makes the Lock Screen more useful through the use of widgets, beyond simply showing the time. At the time of writing, TuneUp IncrediLock app has only one useful widget available for use but the developer plans to add a picture frame, calendar and a weather widget soon. You can use the Sticky Notes widget for quick reminders, to-do lists, etc. The addition of useful widgets might make you change your mind if you have disabled Windows 8 Lock Screen.