DropIt: Freeware File Organizer That Keeps All Computer Files Organized

Compared to the past, hard disk storage space is cheap today. Almost all notebooks, laptop or desktop computers comes with hard disks capacity of more than 500 GB, some are even more than 1 TB of storage space. It’s good in a way to have gigabytes of space to store your HD movies collection, music and photos but you know there’s a problem in having so much free space. As the available disk space increases, we face a tough problem keeping everything organized, easy to be found. After getting a new computer, we all start with the good intention to keep everything organized. Well, let us admit that those “good intentions” ends pretty soon and we end up having everything scattered across weird folder names. Wouldn’t it be great if the computer is intelligent enough to organize all the stuff for us? Well, we hope that day comes pretty soon but until that happens, let’s try DropIt.

DropIt is a freeware Windows application which does all the dirty job of file organization. DropIt makes the task so easy that you will simply start loving it. Instead of doing all the dirty work of manually organizing files to specified folder yourself (and which we never do in reality!), you can use the software to define rules which will sort the files automatically. Read on to see how DropIt helps you out.

How DropIt file organizer automates computer file management?


Download DropIt and install it from the official website.

Download the DropIt application from the official website and install it. After you open the application, you will see only a floating icon, which may be little confusing for a lot of users expecting a standard window. Anyways, the floating icon is by design configured so that the program always appears on top of other programs. This makes the application to stay visible all the time. You can drag the floating icon and keep it anywhere you feel like. That floating icon works as a “drop zone” where you drag and drop files and folders.


DropIt’s drop zone always remains on top of other programs windows.

Combine your logic and imagination, create complex filters, automate file organization!

Don’t go too fast in dropping files and folders in the drop zone yet. You need to first take some time creating filters (custom rules) called in the program as “associations”, so that the program can work according to your wish and command. These rules tell the program what you need the program to do with the files or folders. To create filters, right-click on the floating icon of the program and select “Associations”.


When you put single file or files or folders, the program automatically performs actions based on the custom rules (custom filters) on them. It will put those file(s) or folder(s) by moving them to a specific folder, compress and save the contents, send them via email, rename files/folders, open them for you to see, and many other things based on how you have defined the custom rules.


The rules that you define in DropIt can be as simple as asking it to put all image files in a particular folder, to very complex one, like configuring it to put all image files of a particular size, created after a particular date into a specific folder.


Use your logic and imaginative skills to create much more complex filters and you will understand the true potential of the program. And yes, did we mention that it can automatically create folders to help you with your file management tasks easier.


Until now we showed only one feature of DropIt, which is, well you know, just moving files or folders. You will be surprised to know that in addition to “move”, DropIt can compress, copy, add music files to playlist, upload files to a FTP server and much more. You simply need to set up rules for these functions and drag files or folders to the drop zone. The rest of the work will be done by DropIt!

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